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Outsourcing, Immigration, and Education

Outsourcing is driven by more than just cheap foreign labor.  Many employers have no other choice.

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  1. What the pro-immigration advocates consistently ignore in their polemic is this: intergenerational investment (sweat equity) for the express purpose of the furtherment of their own personal, blood progeny.

    This is to say, A coal miner does not enter the pits for his own amusement -- but to support his family in the hopes they will grow old with families of their own.

    In our case, we have several hundred years of such investment, starting with the Founding Fathers (and the Pilgrims), who had ever expectation of an implied trust with their posterity.

    To admit "immigrants" for the sole purpose of filing a job requisition -- and usually to undercut the prevailing labor rates (I know this is true, I used to work at IBM which did this for its major revenue source), is to betray, or perhaps steal, the accumulated investments of previous generations.

    This is a crime. It is a sin. It is inconceivable how greedy we as a biomass have become to excuse what can only be called the pimping of the USA for short-term, immediate gratification.

    To be admitted into the United States was once a great privilege. It was an honor most would never see. Shamefully, we now sell our honor for the price of a head of lettuce. Adding insult to injury, the children of those who purchased admission to America with lettuce will soon outnumber the children of the Founding Fathers and those who revered them. At that point,the US will be nothing short of the American South Africa. The dispossession of those who created it will be complete.
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