The View From 1776

Free to Fornicate

With endless hand-wringing, Democrats bemoan the lack of a cogent message for the upcoming Congressional elections.  They can stop the search.  Their blindingly obvious, central message has long since been established by Senators Schumer, Kennedy, and Leahy.

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  1. George Washington was in the political center of our founding. He was to the right of today's socialistic Democrats -so he, like all who wish to conserve the principles of our Country, would be called a Right-Winger. Thus, all Conservatives, at the Center, are called Right-Wingers. Not. We are Centrists - regardless where the Marxists drift...

    The glandular crowd cannot think and choose with the mind. They 'feel' with their glands. Losers!

    I'm sure there is no I.Q.Test for testicles. Kennedy? Leahy? Schumer? Cool...?
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  03/27  at  12:39 AM
  2. Allow me to offer the dictionary definition of the word "democratic."

    democratic |?dem??kratik|
    of, relating to, or supporting democracy or its principles

    The Democrat Party is no more "democratic" than the Communist Party was "communist." They are/were both socialist, as was the Nazi Party (formal name: National Socialist Workers' Party), which is antithetical to the true meanings of both democracy and communism.

    I submit that it is both technically and politically incorrect to refer to the Democrat Party as "democratic." Hence, in our discussions, we should pointedly refuse to apply the term "democratic" to Democrats ... either party or persons, and especially not to their politics. For, in so doing we lend them a mantle of respectability to which they are not entitled and damage our own standing by comparison.

    Words mean things. Let's be careful out there.
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