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Instead of more mush from wimpy Peanut Carter, another left-wing icon offers a solid proposal to chew on.

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  1. Apparently Mr. Brewton thinks it's acceptable for the government to detain US citizens indefinitely without trial or access to counsel (as in the case of Jose Padilla) if it prevents hypothetical future terrorist attacks. After all, it's clearly better that "one possibly innocent suspect be preventively detained" than for us to endure 30,000 murders.

    But I'm not sure how this squares with his desire that we be protected from government tyranny. Perhaps he has limitless faith in the good intentions of Bush. Even if one accepts that, Bush will be gone in two short years, but the war on terror will evidently stretch into a "century of conflict." How much will Mr. Brewton trust the next president (maybe even a Democrat! gasp!) with the power to indefinitely detain without trial, conduct wiretaps with no oversight, and otherwise claim unchecked power because it's a time of war?

    He proposes the magical solution of "new procedures of judicial due process that both permit preemptive action and preserve individual rights." Perhaps he would care to enlighten us as to what those might be?

    PS These goofy ad hominem attacks (eg "Peanut Carter") do nothing to bolster his arguments.
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  2. One of the things I admire Mr. Brewton for is that he does not "strain at gnats and swallow camels."

    "Peanut" Carter might be one of my lines: it saves on word-volume and purposeless verbalization to fill out all the forms to explain Carter's humanistic religious self-definition of 'a walking talking compromise.'

    Would Butter La Peanut recognize the Lion of Judah were he to meet Him? Coming back to rule "with a rod of iron?"

    We should do 'the rod of iron' ourselves - if we can handle the Semper Fi discipline. Survival is a worthy virtue for us and our representatives to explore.

    We should not back off prematurely in the name of some nebulous vision of future events at the hands of Lucifer's offspring. No.

    Semper Fidelis
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  02/24  at  10:37 AM
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