The View From 1776

Morality is not Ideology

Marxists and other liberals place religious or ethical dictates about the sanctity of life under the negative category of ‘ideologies.’  They believe that there is no reality beyond the material conditions of society controlled by the regulations of the political state.

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  1. All humanists are doomed to make dumb choices because they reject the only source of principles and standards greater than themselves.

    Such needful principles cannot be man-made - locked as we humans are in our ego-centered appetite collection - which over-rules our ability to perceive superior options. Thus, vision to anticipate consequences prior to choosing is absent.

    The unBelievers keep provng the validity of the Creator - not 'religion.' Our psych wards and prisons are full of dumb corner-cutters who live by feelings and glandular secretions - and never learn. So be it...

    Shouldn't there be an I.Q. Test for Congress???

    Semper Fidelis
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  02/22  at  09:51 PM
  2. "Morality is not ideology". Now, that is quite a statement. Who ever thought it was? Certainly not liberals. But conservatives keep hammering away at the notion that liberals think it is.

    It is time that conservatives of the ilk found here grew up.
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