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Unwritten Constitutions

Steve Kellmeyer’s commentary on Hamas’s victory in the Palestinian elections underscores the importance of preserving the unwritten constitution of the United States.

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  1. The Palestines were fed up with corruption and wanting a change turned to Hamas, unwittingly making their opportunity for a better life and existance disappear.

    That same danger is arising in this country. The people are being bombarded with a lieing media that does not seek or report the truth. That is, unless the truth helps their liberal (socialist) cause.

    But again, much blame can be placed on the present administration and other republicans in power. They have allowed themselves to become involved in corruption. They have forgotten their oaths and those they represent choosing instead the big handouts. They no longer listen to the people.

    A good example is the lack of an extremely strong response to the border excursions from Mexico. Whether they be Mexican Military, paramilitary, police, or dope and alien runners matters not. They are armed invasions and as such demanded more than the Director of Homeland Security passing them off with excuses. It demands more from our President, and congress other than "we are getting more agents and strengthening our border". It deserves more than the overwhelming silence and lack of action from those that are constitutionally bound to protect our borders.

    Will the American people, based on the constant propaganda and lack of adequate response from the republicans in office turn away and elect democratic liberals (socialists)? It very well may happen as digust with the present administration builds.

    If it does it is the republican's fault, as it was Fatah's fault in Palestine.

    The American people have lost sight of where their Constitutional rights came from, and have allowed both parties to shred and work to destroy these rights:

    The Constitutions are not the sources of our personal rights. Our theory of government is that the people [Citizens of the several states], in full possession of inherent, inalienable rights, have formed the government in order to protect these [Natural] rights, and have incorporated them into the organic law as a shield against unwarrantable interference by any department of governments. -- 16 CJS
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  2. Ronari writes "The United States is descending into socialism." I wonder if he has given any thought to the idea that this is the natural trajectory of a mature, developed society and that the idea is no longer an ideology but a natural progression.

    I was reading yesterday about the Veterans Health Administration and its success in dispensing medical treatment to its members. It is socially based and thus costs far less to run than the present privatized system for the rest of the population. It is a very efficient system. This shows that often a concerted social efforts work much better than an individually based system which is always fighting itself.

    Granted, there are many things that should remain privatized for best results and most efficiency. But more and more that privatization is occurring in the context of 'socialism' and the collective. That is the way things are going. It is the natural human way. It is delusional to think otherwise.

    I am impressed how the social tendencies of society are constantly attacked by some individuals and libertarians. Nevertheless, its happening. However, resistance to this tendency is what makes socialism better and eventually universally accepted. Ultimately, though, resistance is futile and we do it at our peril.
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  3. If you love socialism, so be it for our government is on your side. What you call a natural progression is nothing more than a take over by those that lust for power and control and they use propaganda, liest and theft to accomlish it. They have even ignored the constitution and their own laws.

    As for the V.A., they left me in pain with no relief. I had to go elsewhere.

    If you love socialism, then ignore the rest of this post. It is meant for them that would like to recover what has been unlawfully taken from them.

    Go to the following and learn how you can get what has been withheld from your pay back legally, to include Social Security, medicare, etc.: the Code

    For those that don't believe then just click on the following in that URL:

    The federal government has now repeatedly acknowledged that what is revealed about the law in 'Cracking the Code' is true!

    For a more in-depth study, based on official government documents you can go to the following and get "America's Path to Socialism". It includes the following chapters:

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  4. Ronari,

    I bet your experience with the VA was an unusual one. No system can satisfy everybody.

    If you don't like socialism you should go live on another planet because it is everywhere. As a developed society we all live it. It is in the treatment plants that clean our common water supply. it is in the freeways the majority us use. It is in the communal garbage collection we all use. It is in the police forces and fire departments we all depend on for protection. It is in the mass transit that a lot of city dwellers rely one to get to work. It is even in the corporate mentality that profits from serving the social masses.

    You must be against all those things. I don't thinks so. You are against the extremes of socialism. Every system has its extremes. Even conservatism has its extremes, as I read here.
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  5. It is typical. Haters of socialism listen only to themselves. Haters of anything only listen to themselves.

    Another stealth socialist process in our lives is insurance. Insurance socially distribute sand spreads the liabilities whether it be for car accident fires or weather related disasters. Without insurance we could not afford to rebuild on our own or afford health care on our own. Without it, it would truly be a survival of the fittest society. And that would be an ugly society.

    I just hear something more that is better about the VA. In New Orleans all the hospitals, except for the VA, lost their medical records. The VA, unlike the others, kept their records electronically. There is another social development, electronic record keeping.

    The intern and computing is a virtual socialism. Lets do away with the internet first if we want to stop creeping socialism.
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  6. Your statement "It is typical. Haters of socialism listen only to themselves" is wrong. We have looked at and do not ignore what socialism really is. You socialist think of a paradise that has never existed and never will. Greed and corruption prevent this utopian paradise.

    Seig Heil to you and may your dreams never materialize.
    Posted by Ronarl  on  01/29  at  10:50 PM
  7. David,

    Normally, I agree with you, but when it comes to the VA, I have to side with Ronarl: not a good example of your point. Talk to any vet and see what kind of service [or lack thereof] they got. That lack of service stretches to more than just medical care.

    But that's not a critique of socialism. It is a critique of a government agency that has been woefully underfunded since its inception and is a real reflection of how the US feels about its veterans.
    Posted by the Judge  on  01/30  at  02:31 AM
  8. Ronari,

    Sieg Heil to you too. Is that the new necon greeting?

    I am enough of a realist to know that paradise does not exist. I never once alluded to that idea. And my dreams have materialized. So, there!


    Thanks for your input about the VA. I was only reporting on second hand information that sounded quite positive. It sounds like a system that manages quite well within its recourse base.
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  9. No David I do not plan on leaving. I love this country but I hate this government. As for the VA they waste much of their funding in building temples to their greatness, instead of functional buildings.

    I am no neocon, but believe I know a little more than you socialists about what our nation stood for.

    Thomas Jefferson foresaw this happening:

    Posted by Ronarl  on  01/30  at  12:59 PM
  10. Ronari,

    Your a smart man. To bad you are so bitter.

    What Jefferson wrote has nothing to do with the socialism you attack. It has to do with individuals and their cabals perverting the system. Those people have no political ideology. They are out for what they can get for themselves. And America is full of them.

    Jefferson's words were right on the mark. He knew that men would naturally abuse the system. The only way to prevent that abuse, which comes naturally, was to develop a system that would contain and temper it. Under those circumstance, America has developed the best system possible to contain and temper its abuses. The system is nowhere near satisfactory. But again, under the circumstance of the human precondition mixed with America's grandiose aspiration, it is the only system that can be had.

    Hopefully all the bitching will improve it.
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  11. David, what Jefferson stated has everything to do with socialism. Socialism thrives on man's corruptness and lust for power. The 12 points of the communist Manifesto, as Samuel B. Pettengill, Democratic Congressman from Indiana, 1930-1938 attempted to warn the American people about. He recognized what FDR was really up to. It is only a shame not enough others did.

    The President, every member of congress and those others either elected or appointed realize that this government operates on lies and theft, and they are all for it. There is not a single honest Christian in the whole lot.

    A "Hidden Prayer of Our Government" that I wrote and has been selected and published is as follows:

    Posted by Ronarl  on  01/30  at  11:01 PM
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