The View From 1776

How Government Intervention Retards The Advance Of Knowledge

Most great advances in scientific knowledge have been in the private sphere, by lone individuals or scientists doing basic research in iconic institutions like Bell Labs or IBM’s Watson Labs.  Government funding brings the scoundrels out of the woodwork and tends to promote liberal-progressive political agendas.

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  1. The same natural dichotomy exists in these examples because the natural fundamentals remain the same.

    Collectives in human experience are verbalizations of convenience - not Reality. Human beings are vested, by nature and nature's God, in Individual bodies.

    While associations of individuals are part of the fabric of life, humans first, last, and always are Individual.

    Social value systems that ignore Reality will lose traction on events and futures. Governments are such examples. Money and power are poor substitutes for progressive creative Reality.

    Consistent with nature and the laws of nature, productive success comes to individuals and associations of individuals which honor and validate fundamentals.

    Throughout the generations, a re-learning process goes on...and on...and...

    Semper Fidelis
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