The View From 1776


In American colleges and universities, truth is equated to a phantasmic view of the world, in which socialism is the ultimate revelation of truth and justice.  Harvard’s coat of arms bears the motto “Veritas,” the Latin word for truth; Yale’s, “Lux et Veritas,” light and truth.  Both institutions since the early 1900s have used the word truth in the same sense and to the same ends as the Soviets employed it in their propaganda journal “Pravda,” a Russian word meaning truth.

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  1. The human experience has always included the struggle between The Individual and The Group. And, so it is today, appearing daily under various titles, needs, banners, goals, and appetites.
    All humans are born into individual bodies; the natural state of the human being. Groups are formed and maintained for protection, meaning, and power of control. Distortions and perversions are purposed to achieve influence when knowledge of reality and insightful understanding are lacking.

    Individuals all too often seek group collectivist attachments when worthy personal self-value is absent.
    ["Where can I find seven like me to feel whole?"]

    The ultimate solution to the problem is an accurate appreciation of human value expressed in each unique Individual person. Such recognition is a realistic and progressive appreciation of each human being and their unknown potential.
    The Collective Entity lacks primary reality since it is fundamentally made up of Individuals. Collectivism is a verbal convenience - not Reality - and produces the regressive perversions in human history always characterized by illusion.
    (Even plural numbers are based on the number One!)
    If the Liberal-Regressive ever discovered their Individual Value, and got over their inferiority complex, they would choose to become Conservative! "You bet your life!" 1

    Semper Fidelis

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  2. It sounds like Choicemaker is saying that the collective is a perversion of the individual. Since the individual can not ideally live without the collective, then, the individual is always living in a state of perversion. This sounds like the dialectical perverse.
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  3. This article about truth is another attempt to limit the scope of humanity. I think the author would rather live under the truth of Pravda than that of Harvard and Yale. Pravda's truth was harsh and one sides whereas Harvard's and Yale's is more accommodating and inclusive.

    The fight for truth will always go on, as it should. That is part of liberty and the Constitution. By limiting truth to a certain constituency the author is contradicting himself because he is for liberty and freedom of thought. But that is all right because contradiction is part of life.

    I don't completely disagree with the idea that there isn't a basic truth out there, which the author of this article alludes to it. But I am against a manufacture truth, the limited,one sided truth that is being portrayed here.
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