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The Vatican Calls a Spade a Spade

A Vatican official has looked Islam full in the face and, no longer pussy-footing around, has described it as it is: a religion of military conquest and conversion at sword’s point.

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  1. Since it is natural for human beings to make choices, we can recognize that all oppressors are anti-nature. Whether they be international political, or criminal types in your community, the natural laws of human nature are the enemy of all oppressors.

    The human being is earth's Choicemaker. The human being appears on earth in Individual bodies. Thus, all oppressors are anti-Liberty in the person(s) and anti-Freedom in the governments. Add: pro- collectivism in social and political environments and anti-Individual value everywhere.

    All oppressive systems are anti-nature and will fail. In the meantime, supporters of oppression are failng their endowed IQ Test. That's OK. We pro-Freedom pro-nature types will continue to prosper. It's all part of the Creator's purposeful and intelligent design.

    Can diplomacy work when dealing with anti-nature types? Is compromise with oppressors anti-nature?

    Semper Fidelis wins.
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  12/24  at  09:14 AM
  2. Something I have admired about America is its ability to embraced that which it considers to be cultural enemies. By embracing such enemies America has defused them as threats. In the process it has moderated them.

    For instance, in the sixties main stream America thought hippy culture was a threat. What did America do to defuse and moderate it? It absorbed it into its main stream culture, in music, TV, clothing and so on. It also happened with rock'n'roll. Main stream America found it a treat and defused it by making it a part of American life. Before that it was jazz that was a threat. The same thing has happened with homosexuality. No longer is it the threat it used to be for many because Americans have become familiar with it and are learning to live with it.

    One way to defuse the Muslim threat that main stream America experiences is to slowly embrace it. It will change and America will change.

    One defusing element of The Declaration of Independence is the passage "all Men are created equal". Perhaps that is not true but it has had a moderating and stabilizing effect, without which America never could have contained its diverse population.
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  3. David, recommending that Americans embrace Islam is really silly. Do you actually mean to suggest that good should embrace evil? Perhaps you think that America and England are evil, and that Muslims are just misunderstood patriots? Or do you not believe in good and evil at all? I am not surprised that you question the proposition that "all men are created equal." That simply means that every peaceful human being has an equal and unencumbered right to his own life, liberty and property. Liberals cannot defend that idea while arguing in support of imposed socialism and redistribution of wealth.
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  4. The assertion that "a devout believer in Islam cannot accept any political authority except that of the ulemas and the caliphs who rule in conformity with their interpretation of the Koran" is patently false. There are 5M Muslims in the US, and they seem to have no problem at all accepting political authority.

    The reason that Muslims were rioting in France is because Europe has no culture of assimilation like we have in the US. I'm with David on this one. People that have no future (eg Muslims in Europe) have nothing to lose and many reasons to hate.

    The Economist had an excellent article in their Nov 10th issue about how Europe has failed to assimilate its minorities. (Sorry, available to subscribers only!)
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  5. Ryan, thank you for finishing my thought.
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