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Media Bias is Real, Really

According to UCLA News, there is a pronounced leftward leaning in the media, almost everywhere.

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  1. Bias I don't think is the right definition for the media. In the conservative context it comes across as a deliberate malicious attempt by liberals to skew the news and being one sided. It appears to conservatives as though that is the case. But it is not.

    The Media is an abstract enterprise. It deals with intangibles. It theorizes. It postulates. It asks questions. Conservatives aren't comfortable with abstractions. They want to deal with definite stuff. The Media doesn't always deal with definite stuff. If the Media acted like conservatives wanted it, it wouldn't be the Media.

    With conservatives at the helm of the Media we would be at a loss for news. We would be at a loss for the truth. That is why it is full of liberal minded people.
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  2. David Airth's comment is inane, as should be obvious to any reader.

    To begin, the bigotry and stereotyping which Airth shows in his descriptions of conservatives is typical liberal slander and hate speech. The Media has a liberal bias because more liberals gravitate to that industry for one reason, to use lies in the media to secure liberal power. Conservatives are less well represented not out of any intellectual deficiency (how laughable) but out of conservatives' penchant for doing more productive work, particularly in business.

    Conservative news sells better and is growing more rapidly. Conservative news is far better trusted. Conservative news is also more thoughtful and more respectful of both the facts and the readers.The record since 1980 of liberal media bias, arrogance, and deceit exposed by conservative media investigation supports only one conclusion, liberals in media are not worthy of trust, and probably never were.

    One primary reason for widespread liberal bias is the refusal to think independently and the sheer laziness of most liberals in media. The New York Times or another liberal media outlet will set a slant on a story and the rest of the pack adopts precisely the same slant (frequently the same code words) and runs without further investigation.

    Look more carefully at Airth's sycophantic paean to the "Media". The Media is "abstract" and deals with "intangibles"? What happened to events, facts, analysis, background, research, checking, checking, checking.... Like any liberal loon, Airth has no basis in experience for what he says - it just sounds good. The Media "postulates", "theorizes", "asks questions?" This doubtless explains Dan Rather's scandal with a forged memo about the President's National Guard service, the New York Times scandal with reporters who filed stories about their discoveries in distant locations while never leaving NYC. And I'm sure this explains why Bernard Goldman wrote his books, "Bias" and "Arrogance". Goldman is a liberal who knows he is a liberal, but he is neither the mentally blinkered kind of know nothing liberal elitist that Airth typifies, nor the unconsciously agenda-driven liberal zealot that Dan Rather and Pinch Sulzberger represent.

    Regarding the original study, a fascinating flaw in the researchers' methodology is at once evident. They presume that scores by the Americans for Democratic Action are essentially unbiased, that a 50 score is equivalent to a middle of the road American voter. But in fact almost all legislators are left of center. The American people live far to the right, much more conservatively, than they vote.

    A further flaw is only slightly less obvious. The researchers compared patterns of citations used by media outlets and patterns of citations used by legislators. But legislators are not writing news copy - media professionals are not writing law. The supposed correspondence of a legislator's liberal or conservative bias to a media outlet's liberal or conservative bias based on citations is not demonstrated and indeed is not supported by the study's results. Note how the liberally slanted USA Today is ranked as "centrist."

    Liberal bias, left-wing bias, and even socialist bias are all precisely correct terms for the great majority of media outlets. There is simply no countervailing conservative example to compare to any of the three extremely liberal major networks. On one hand, I could count the major newspapers in the United States that are in any way right of center - none whatever are far right to compare to the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and the Washington Post as far left biased outlets.

    The mainstream American political view is shifting to the right with extraordinary speed. In the face of the near monopoly in the news media for the views of the extreme left, how can this be? A near monopoly is not the complete monopoly that these liberal media moguls enjoyed only twenty years ago. Where would the mainstream American political view be, if American citizens relied for news on relatively unbiased sources? That "natural center" is far to the right of today's "center of the road" established in the poisonous climate of liberally biased monopolistic media news control which has been ascendent in this country since 1900 at least.
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  3. Thank you Mr. Belk for that rant.

    My feeling is that if the press was intended to be something other than what it is, liberal, it would be. It is like water reaching its own level. The press has reached its own level. And that level is being liberal. If conservatism takes over the press, as you believe it will, it will still have to act liberal so as to be legitimate. Make something of that Mr. Belk.

    Anyway, this liberal conservative argument is silly. The press generally wears both hats like most of us tend to do, depending on the situation. The bias argument is mostly used when one doesn't agree with the press coverage and what is being said.
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  4. Abdication of Standards is a weak-kneed attempt to implement irresponsibility. Such childish cop-outs are without intellectual or moral definition.

    Bias is more than "wearing a hat." It is lying instead of printing the objective truths of information on a piece of paper.
    More gutless self-justification by the cowardly dwarfs in our midst. We understand... Flush it.
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