The View From 1776

Gay Marriage and Terrorism: a Common Root

Both same-sex marriage and terrorism spring from the same source: socialism’s inherent need to destroy existing religious and cultural values.


This is not an attack on homosexuals or lesbians. Nor is it intended as opposition to legal recognition of same-sex unions. It is a statement that same-sex unions are not marriages.

To understand what is going on, we must revisit the birth of the religion of socialism in the 1789 French Revolution. For the first time in history, a great nation's monarchy, religion, laws, and customs were destroyed by mob terrorism incited by socialist intellectuals' propaganda. It is fairly obvious from events in France, Russia, China, Cuba, and elsewhere that socialism can succeed only by destroying existing traditions of spiritual religion and morality. Socialism is, after all, a secular and materialistic religion.

Liberal-socialists believe that, there being no God, there is no higher authority than the minds of intellectuals, who can unilaterally decide what constitutes social justice. Therefore, they assert, we can easily dismiss the sacrament of marriage and and make living together simply a civil-law contract. This was the practice introduced in France and universally employed in the Soviet Union.

Among the aims of the French Revolution was discrediting the religious sacrament of marriage. A ritual of the new Religion of Reason and Humanity was sexual intercourse with prostitutes at the main altar of Notre Dame Cathedral. The current revolutionary overthrow of law in San Francisco and New Paltz is merely a symbolic reenactment of that desecration as a stick in the eyes of people who still believe in the religious and moral principles of our 1776 War of Independence.

The model of violent overthrow of governments by terrorism and revolution didn't work well in England or the United States. Fabians in England and liberals here changed their tactics to gradualism and making end runs around legislative bodies with judicial activism. That, of course, is what we're witnessing today.

This aspect of the liberal jihad gained a full head of steam after the ACLU was organized at the outbreak of World War I to protect socialists and anarchists who attempted to sabotage America's entry into the war. Since the 1920s, liberals (the American sect of the socialist religion) have advocated public policies that attack traditions of morality based on spiritual religion and age-old traditions.

An example was the ACLU-sponsored 1925 Scopes monkey trial in which ACLU attorney Clarence Darrow ridiculed the Bible and defended Darwin's speculative theory of evolution. ACLU official Walter Nelles explained that the purpose was to discredit traditional American views that were ?? a rearguard action, protesting the advance of science, secularism, cultural pluralism and changing sexual mores.? Preparing American society for the coming of socialism remains today the mission of liberal-socialists, in particular the ACLU. And the push to call same-sex unions marriage is just one part of it.

Admittedly, many homosexuals and lesbians seeking legalization of same-sex marriage are motivated only by mutual love and a desire for public respect. So, let's stipulate, first, that homosexuals and lesbians are, like everyone else, equally children of God. They deserve treatment and respect in accord with the Golden Rule: you should deal with others the way you want them to deal with you. If you don't want people telling nasty jokes about you or beating you up, don't do it to the gay community.

Second, with the erosion of families and the increasing numbers of single-person households, promoting same-sex unions will have desirable effects. The spread of HIV should decline and the mental and physical health of gays should improve. It's far better to hold up the model of fidelity and mutual support than to push gays toward promiscuity.

Having said that, we must state emphatically that heterosexual marriage is unique. Only heterosexual marriage can result in the creation of a human life. And that is why marriage has always, in every tribe, city state, principality, and nation, occupied a special, sacramental place in its culture. No matter how hard they try, no atheistic evolutionary biologist has succeeded in creating life. Only God, so far, can do so. Marriage between a man and a woman is the point in human existence where the vital force of God touches the earth.

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