The View From 1776

Appeasement: A Sickness of the Soul

The evil spirit of Neville Chamberlain hovers over the liberal-Progressive camp, turning people into jelly fish.  J. B. Williams puts the latest occurrence into perspective.

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  1. When liberals/progressives ask conservative ideologues to examine their mistakes in history they usually respond by saying "it's time to move on - get a life". However, conservative ideologues don't heed their own words because when liberals/progressives call for them to examine some of their irrational ideas about patriotism and war they shout appeasement and resurrect the ghost of Neville Chamberlain. It is time that they gave up that old canard. It's boring.
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  2. "Peace is not a Cause; it is an Effect."

    Most humanists 'feel' that politics is the heighth and depth of what is important. Such shallow enthusiasm clearly reveals a confession of shortcoming in thought and/or experience. No small wonder they participate in a cause-effect universe with no perception of worth and end-up as 'victims' of their own choices spending years blaming humanistic politicians for their personal shortcomings.

    Humanists hold that 'the gray area' between vice and virtue is the safest place to be. Since there is no such place (mediocrity is a variety of evil), their attachments and appetites rightly breed disillusion and disappointment. (Mediocrity has no virtue of its own.)

    Humanistic self-worship is an ultimate act of cowardice and ignorance, and produces a politics of like-genesis: Collectivism, Communism, Fascism, Marxism, and other varieties of Old World totalitarianism. Today's Democratic Party is owned by all or part of the above - having drop-kicked Mr. Jefferson and his principles out the back- door. Today's loyal Party member can no longer cite any principle or standard of value other than a childish obedience.

    Such is the fruit of a political philosophy having no roots greater than itself.

    "Patty-cake, anyone?"
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  3. With all due respect to John Murtha, people should be reminded that Benedict Arnold was also a highly decorated American military officer, as was California Representative Randy Cunningham. Why should John Murtha, John Kerry and perhaps John McCain be given "highly decorated war hero" passes to excuse all sorts of anti-American behavior? They disgrace their accomplishments and spit on the country that acknowledged them. Democrat or Republican, skunks are skunks. Betray your country, give aid and comfort to our enemies, put our troops in unnecessary danger, cause greater American casualities, even one time, and your medals no longer mean anything. Not to me.
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