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Radicalizing Students: Liberals Poison the Well

Liberalism in our schools is like the AIDS virus.  Having been taught no understanding of the founding principles of our nation, students have no immunity to the falsehoods of secular materialism.  To stretch the metaphor further, liberalism is like arsenic: small doses of it aren’t lethal, but keep ingesting it long enough and you die.

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  1. Humans, too often, will learn only by experience.

    The alternatives are historical knowledge and the application and rule of principle.

    All things considered, it does appear that this generation is hell-bent to learn by personal experience. So be it.

    The Tribulation Period is at the present thresh-hold and will shortly be fulfilled by human choices. Only then will they cry, "I should have known! There are better ways! Why didn't they tell us? Will it get better?" No reply...

    It will only get worse - much worse. It is preventable but will be excused and welcomed. The pleasure-seeking carnal-ego will be the trendy controlling factor for the road down...

    Eternity has no end.
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  2. What to make of that opening statement?: "Liberalism in our schools is like the Aids virus." All I can do is shake my head. Conservatives live in a time warp.

    We are also told by conservatives that liberalism gave us Aids. Yes, like liberalism gave us the Black Plaque or the bird flu. Perhaps conservatives brought it on as a kind of response, in rebellion to their pious righteousness. Perhaps Aids would have happened without liberals but conservatives, true to their nature, would have hushed it up and swept it under their proverbial carpet, making things worse because they don't believe in sex education. (The Bush administration distorts sexual matters.) They would make it treasonous to discuss Aids as they believe it is treasonous to criticize Bush's dangerously flawed war policy. Under conservatism we would all live in "Pleasant Ville" with ramped, hushed-up sexual diseases.

    If conservative took total control of the educational curriculum and shape it to their way of thinking we would live in a more dangerous world. We would have more zero-tolerance, which is an overall failure, robotic students with little imagination, towing the party line, and we would live in a totalitarian state.

    Yes, liberalism is evil but it is the lesser of two evils. Having said that, the echo I hear is, in the twist punditry logic of conservatives, "You see, you did admit that liberalism is evil. Perhaps, but it is not as evil as its grossly exaggerated opposite, an ideology the would leave us ham-strung and marching in step.
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  3. In response to Mr. Airth, history is replete with examples of the Christian right controlling the educational system: St. Benedict, Boethius, Cassiodorus, the Irish followers of St. Patrick, the Nestorians of Persia, the Mosarabs of Moorish Spain, St. Anslem, the 11th century Cistercians, the Victorines of medieval France, Robert Groseteste, Thomas Bradwardine and the Merton Calculators, the Scotish Enlightenment, and the late 18th century German Pietists. If history is any guide, if the Christian right were to again control the educational system, we can reasonably expect a flourishing of the arts and sciences accompanied by a flurry of technological advances resulting in a quantum leap improvement in the standard of living of ordinary citizens. Understanding the Bible requires a literate society, consequently fundamentalist Christians have consistently championed quality, wide-spread education, as currently evidenced by the home-shool movement. Virginia Baptists were also instrumental in establishing religious freedom in this country.

    The people to keep an eye out for are the militant secularists on the left. Having rejected the idea that they are sinners and therefore capable of being wrong, they have no recourse but to blame those who won't go with the program when things inevitably go wrong. Consequently liberals, in the modern sense, upon assuming power consistenly institute reigns of terror, killing millions of people: the French Revolution, the purges of Lenin and Stalin, Pol Pot's killing fields of Cambodia, the masacres following North Vietnam's victory, and Mao's Cultural Revolution.
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