The View From 1776

Liberalism is Unmitigated Greed

Liberalism’s fundamental nature necessitates relentless, class-centered greed.  Congressional or regulatory action truly for the general welfare is almost impossible.

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  1. "The contrast between liberalism and the founding ethos of the United States is stark." Well said.

    Liberalism is collectivist (plural units) of human value, as opposed to Nature and the founding ethos of the Individual, as Reality of human beings and their value.

    To be liberal is to be Left and/or Marxist. To be Centrist is to be Conservative of the founding priorities - not 'Right Wing' fascist. Naziism and communism are both collectivist.

    Left- and Right-Wing collectivism are fundamentally the same. They are opposites of Centrist, Individual value, representative government of our glorious Constituion.

    For all its human shortcomings, there is no better governmental system in our world today.

    semper fidelis
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  2. Karl Marx was essentially right, that class conflict is the essential motivating force of a political society. However, he wasn't necessarily right about it having to be a class conflict. Yet a political conflict, like a DNA, is necessary for a good working political system. Had Communism such a conflict within, like Democracy has, it would not have collapsed.

    Democracy has the conflict - polemics of two doctrines or domains, liberalism and conservatism. The back and forth is what makes our political society and why it is so successful. This conflict in Democracy also occurs on multiple levels (to ensure that it does happen) like the individualism vs society, capitalism vs democracy, black vs white, male vs female, special interests vs special interests, national interest, vs state interest, nation vs globalization and so on. These paradoxes or polemics is what keeps our world going round.
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