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The Liberal Bucket Has a Gaping Hole In It

Liberalism can’t carry its own water.  Tested on its most basic claim to superiority, liberal-socialisism fails dismally.

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  1. The Liberalism Bucket.................

    Mr. Brewton,

    You are so caught up in your own rhetoric and hate that you can't even think clearly. Liberalism has its faults like all society does. But if its opposite, conservatism, took hold in the same way as liberalism we would end up living in a dictatorship. Conservatives like you dictate and invent the truth. Liberals on the other hand search for accommodation and the truth. That is the true Judeo-Christian way you speak of.

    My great satisfaction is the conservatism functions in the context of liberalism, not the other way around. You can see this to be true in the way Bush is forced to bend and govern. He can't stick to his conservative convictions and expect to run a diversified America. He has to give and be flexible. Liberals and progressives are flexible and that is why they will endure. You can hear a similar idea straight from the 'horses mouth', Pat Buchanan, who said recently with great disappointment, "the conservative movement in America has pasted into history'.

    Conservatism's raison d'
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  2. Sure, and today's press clearly demonstrates its lack of respect for principle, integrity, and diversity - the liberal lack of a value system. The Left socialism is and has always been collectivist - not individualistic. Nazi socialism on the Right is also collectivist not individualistic.

    Conservatism is centrist to the viewpoint of the founders, including Jefferson, about whom the Left has grown silent as they more and more cleave to a European and Old World collectivist humanism.

    Their appeal is always to groups: Blacks, Unions, Women, Academics, Homosexuals, Abortionists, Latinos, and Others. Conservatives always appeal to Americans as Individuals. (Is there any other kind?)

    There is nothing progressive about collectivism. It certainly is not of a Judeo-Christian scriptural root - which validates the primacy of each individual.

    And, don't blow-hard about a Leftist "free market." Hansel and Gretel, anyone?
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