The View From 1776

Educational Vandalism

Historically education preserved and transmitted to each generation the traditions of society.  Educators in the 19th and 20th centuries began to view the aim of education as destroying the American way of life.

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  1. Weird article. For example, first you say:

    "For most of three hundred years, education first in the colonies, and then the United States, was aimed at teaching students to read, write, master basic mathematics, learn something about American history, absorb as much as they could about science, and especially at imparting Judeo-Christian morality via reading the Bible and the best literature of Western civilization."

    Then all of a sudden you go:

    "Education was no longer simply to teach subject matter. It was to inculcate new attitudes that would ultimately change all of the rules and customs of society. Education was no longer to be just a transmission medium; it was to become the driving force to restructure society."

    What the heck is the difference? In both cases you use education a s a means of structuring a society. Or are you merely peeved that your "Judeo-Christian values" are not considered the only game in town? Would you like to go back to the times of before the civil war, where these "Judeo-Christian values" lead to slavery?
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  2. Humanism cannot find or contrive any man-made alternative to Judeo-Christian principles, standards, and criteria for the Biblically defined choice-maker; the creature called 'human.'

    Whether at the individual or group level, slavery has ended wherever Biblical Christianity is chosen. Humanism has invented every religion, organization, and government based on man-made false definitions of humanity. Communism, islam, fascism, naziism, public school unionism, and socialism, are current and recent forms of slavery imposed on humans against their God-endowed Liberty of choice.

    Only the word of God, the Bible, defines each human accurately as earth's Choicemaker. Human systems based on any other definition are false and destructive. Slow-learners learn slowly - if at all.

    IQ Test? It's called 'consequences.'
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  3. As a response to comment number one by MotorMind, it should be noted that Judeo-Christian values did not produce slavery, which existed everywhere, as far back as history can take us.

    MotorMind should note that slavery existed widely in socialistic nations like Soviet Russia and National Socialist Germany a century after it was outlawed here and in England.

    Protestant churches in England and the United States led the crusades that, for the first time in world history, outlawed slavery.

    The Abolition movement in the United States was organized by Protestant ministers in the 1820s. The Women's Suffrage Movement was led by wives of Protestant ministers and other church people. In England, the Methodist Church was the driving force behind outlawing slavery and every move to legislate better working and living conditions for the poor.

    Our civil rights movement in the 1960s was led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a Protestant Christian minister, who did not ask for help from the socialist welfare-state. All of his appeals to the public were couched in Biblical terms of simple Christian justice.
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