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The Hypocrisy of G8 Millennium Goals

?Bob? Geldof, Bono, and all the well-intentioned throngs who turned out for the UK?s Glastonbury Festival and the Gleneagles concerts have been bamboozled. The grandiose Millennium Goals are an unattainable sham, for the simple reason that there is no way to measure the afflictions they propose to cure.  In short, we are dealing with an empty PR scheme that amounts to no more than a show-and-tell public-relations recitation of the religious catechism of materialistic socialism.

As usual, socialism fails to deliver the goods, but all the world’s socialists can feel good about their intentions, while socialist intellectuals sneer at Christian missionaries and the many thousands of Christian churches that do more real good in a year for third-world peoples than socialism can accomplish in a century.

Richard Tren, a director of the South Africa-based health advocacy group Africa Fighting Malaria, explains in “The Millennium Development Goal Merry-Go-Round” on the TechCentralStation website.

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