The View From 1776

New Orleans and Germany

One definition of insanity is endlessly repeating an experiment that always fails, often with disastrous consequences, each time expecting success.

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  1. Michael Harrington MUST have understood that in a free market, the truly helpless can be helped by merely a fraction of all the limo-libs in this country.

    I don't understand this. Leftists say that we should allow a free-market culture but not a free-market economy. Their ideas really produce neither and nor can they maintain either.

    That some sectors of the population remain in economic poverty under capitalism is, in my view, less destructive than that some sectors of the population remaining in spiritual poverty.
    Posted by Sirc_Valence  on  09/19  at  11:58 PM
  2. There is something at war with the Society of Jesus, aka Christianity, and in its political form it is called "liberalism."

    A national awakening to this problem is required, because right now America is in a very dangerous education crisis and we need to figure out the proper way to deal with that. You're doing a great job here Tom.

    This is Bill Moyers' (who calls himself "Christian") beef with Christian Conservatives:

    "This is the crux of the matter: To these fundamentalist radicals there is only one legitimate religion and only one particular brand of that religion that is right; all others who call on God are immoral or wrong."

    Its no wonder that he can so easily forget that one should not bear false witness against another
    Posted by Sirc_Valence  on  09/20  at  03:00 PM
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