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New Orleans: The Harsh Moral and Political Realities

The barbaric savagery of roaming bands in New Orleans, looting, raping, and murdering, is fundamentally attributable to the atheistic secularity increasingly imposed upon the United States by liberal-socialists during the past 80 years.

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  1. Seeing the behavior of many in New Orleans by some, makes it difficult to actually want to sacrifice what one has in order to give it to the strangers affected by the disaster. And that includes the whining and agitating behavior of the left and its Democratic caterwaulers.

    Perhaps the response to this terrible disaster would be much better comprehended and improved, had it not been for the left's long and fervent efforts of inculcating self indulgence and narcissism in some of our fellow citizens.
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  3. Yesterday, on TV news, a black policeman in New Orleans made the statement that for the first time in his career and experience in the police force, there were calls being made by officers of the law for more ammo. Why do you think? I'm paraphrasing, but- THEY WERE RUNNING OUT AND ON A DAILY BASIS INVOLVED IN SHOOTOUTS WITH BARBARIANS.

    Mark Steyn reported that even in the Superdome, there was rape.

    I actually don't watch that much TV coverage, but this police officer was interviewed because about 6 men were shot in a shootout with police where 4 of the "suspects" died.

    There is a cause and effect relationship between Marxist socialism and the socialist idea that people are not responsible for their own actions, the government is, with death and barbarity on a large scale.. Tom has repeatedly explained it. Those that ignore that relationship are the ones that are "sick, cruel and blind". Did not you read the Kay S. Hymowitz essay on how more blacks were out of work in 1964 than in 1954? Did you not know about how the so-called progressive establishment came down on the Moynihan investigation into the deterioration of the black family?

    The progress in this country with respect to black people, made by the demolishion of slavery, was in many ways undermined by the foolish and purile ideology that you have adopted. That which results in statements such as: "If I were black, had a gun, and was stuck in the Superdome on Day 4 of this disaster, I might take a potshot at authorities driving past my location for the umpteenth time without taking action to save lives." To "take potshots at authorites" driving past somewhere that YOU HAVEN'T MOVED FROM IN 4 DAYS you would not only have to be vindictive moral dwarf (and it's interesting to watch you expose this in yourself), you'de have to be stupid. They may be on their way to help someone else- why would they be in a hazardous area like this where they could lose their lives- just for fun? It is not likely that someone who is stuck and can't move to take potshots at someone that could rescue them from that situation.

    Your ridiculous argument about "racist" media coverage has no legs. I have seen the AP and the AFP picture where the white woman is "finding" groceries and the white woman is "looting" them.

    You probably have not seen the explanation. Quote:

    "The Associated Press said its policy was clear. 'When we see people go into businesses and come out with goods, we call it looting,' said Santiago Lyon, AP's director of photography.

    "'When we just see them carrying things down the road, we call it carrying items.'"

    By the way, the "finding" picture was taken by another news agency. And just so that it is clear to you, I believe that the individuals in both pictures were doing what they needed to do. What is happening in New Orleans is a real tragedy. It is a tragedy only superceded by the destructiveness of the initial natural disaster. I can't imagine how many people are dead!

    The only proper reaction to anything, including poverty, is the right way. People don't behave badly -because- they are poor. This materialistic premise of yours is negated by the fact that today's poor have it much better than the poor of days goneby. It is very likely that people stayed to loot after the mandatory evacuation of the city. Do you deny that? It is not blaming the victims, those that didn't stay just to loot, to condemn those that did.

    I recall, vaguely though, that NYCity electricity blackouts were never followed by as much (if any) actual plundering and mayhem in the 50s as in the 60s. I'm sorry, you have to look up the date, but the response by the population in the two periods has been compared. I will look more into that for an essay, myself. Again, I can't imagine what is going on today after a steady diet of thrill kill films, nihilistic nonsense, and the promotion of shamelessness, and the attack against the concept of morality and virtue itself. It is like a blind man being disgusted with a painting, having eyes that have never seen, for those that cannot follow virtue to its roots to have a 'virtuous' disdain for 'elitism'.

    Leftists have no antidote to selfishness, which they glory, so naturally they believe in the leash and the master of the masses. What do you think results from the promotion of moral anarchy?

    The "reaction to cultural and economic elitism" was a mindless one. Intellectual; but one that can be described as mindless. This reaction was bound to only empower that which it was supposed to be the antidote to.

    "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." -- Ben Franklin
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  4. Collectivism attracts people who have earned guilt and inferiority complexes 'cause they can hide in the group from the 'Boogey Man' RESPONSIBILITY and its cause, personal character and personal value.

    Have you ever met a socialist who didn't have an earned inferiority complex? Me neither.

    semper fidelis
    vncit veritas
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