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Stem Cell Research: Is Disease-free Perfection at Hand?

News media are reporting that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has wilted under the pressure of public opinion and will now back Federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research.

Brave-New-World liberals are excitedly confident that, with intellectuals regulating society’s morals on an ad hoc, secular basis, and now about to use stem cells to tailor-make human cells, we are on the threshold of a disease-free and perfect new species of super-humanity.

But are we?

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  1. As I read the collection of opinions on the subject, I am reminded of the point of view of large portions of today's youth: "Everything in the world will be fine no matter what anybody does."

    The self-proclaimed intellectuals are participating in the same mental failure as today's naive youth. Reminder: "The mind of man can function no better than its criteria." Their criteria is pure wishful thinking of 'the well-intended,' and/or joyful certainty from the control-freaks; the social collectivists. Both are very very wrong.

    No society will remain stable and progressive while collectivism on a massive scale is applied world-wide. They cannot have it both ways. The negation of individual value-reality will play the greatest part in denying the collectivist ideology any on-going success in maintaining a stable, progressive way of life that would enable them to practice their perversions. They hold that criticism is "just another opinion."

    Grade: F-

    They have yet to discover the reality paradigm of human nature and its consequences:

    1. There are only individuals. (Groups are merely verbal conveniences - not reality.)
    2. Human is earth's Choicemaker.

    There is no alternative. selah
    Posted by James Fletcher Baxter  on  07/30  at  10:24 AM
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