The View From 1776

Separation of Church and State Amounts to Elimination of the State

Historically, the two are so closely intertwined in the United States that the political state envisioned in 1776 cannot exist without God’s support and a God-fearing, moral people.

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  1. All human beings, especially Americans, need to be taught and reminded that Liberty is a natural definitive endowment of our humanity. It is an internal ability to choose; often called free will. Rights are merely an extension and application of our inborn ability.

    Liberty is thus not a manifestation of poltical institutions and should not be so attributed.

    Human institutions, that are based in their constitutions on this definitive, make possible an environment and domain of Freedom. Such an external development is meaningless unless the internal characteristic is given first priority. Such was the process at the Founding of the greatest Nation in the history of the world, America.

    Our young students and our politically-senile politicians and academics both need to be taught and reminded of these basic and ageless truths for which there is no alternative. The human is earth's Choicemaker. Liberty is internal. Freedom is external. Psalm 25:12 119:30,173 selah

    "Got Criteria?" See Psalm 119:1-176
    Posted by James Fletcher Baxter  on  07/28  at  09:54 AM
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