The View From 1776

A Federal Republic, Not a Democracy

The founders were crystal-clear about it: a pure democracy is the least stable and worst imaginable form of government.

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  1. The fundamental problem facing today's democracies all over the world is takeover by an elite class. The conservatives are supposed to fight it by promoting small government, individual responsibility, property rights, free market economy and all those good things. Yet in real practice, many conservative candidates for political office heartily embrace the rule of the elite. Those who don't, may not know the power of conservative ideology. For example, not one of the 7 Republican candidates for governor of North Carolina offered to reduce tax rate from its current high of 8.75% (to, say 6%). None, deservedly, got elected. The failure of conservative political candidates to conceptualize and implement what our founding fathers hoped would prevail in these times is as much to blame as the voracious appetite of the elite class for political power and for hoodwinking the gullible middle class.
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