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Liberal-Progressive Tyranny

Not thinking the way liberal-progressives demand is becoming a social crime that must be punished by destroying the lives of dissidents.  Big Brother will find you.

Read Seth Mandel’s post on the Commentary website:

Mob McCarthyism, Zaiavleniia, and the Corrosive Culture of Denunciation

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  1. The Indiana law that allowed discrimination based on a claim that one's religious beliefs were offended has now been rescinded in the face of national outrage. Whether this reconsideration by the Indiana legislature is an example of tyranny (as claimed by Mendel and Brewton), or people coming to their senses, is open to debate.

    The rescission of this piece of legislation is not surprising, considering what this law would have allowed. Setting aside the hot button issue of same sex unions, this law would have, for example, given protection to skin heads discriminating against minorities if they claimed that serving them offended their so-called "Ayran Religion."

    The folks in the Hoosier legislature seem to have missed the point that Christianity is not the only religion in existence and that they would had to grant equal status in allowing discrimination founded on all manner of wild beliefs.
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  2. Mr. J is wrong again! I believe the law has been modified--not rescinded. Thus, with that material spin to the facts, his whole post must be subjected to serious question.

    The issue should not be about outlawing discrimination anyway because deliberate and careful discrimination is essential to all rational decison-making. How can anyone do anything wisely without weighing alternatives, the pros and cons, and discriminating between alternatives.

    Human organizations will never get away from making choices. How did the Justice Department decide to prosecute its critic in the House of Representatives but not prosecute its IRS administrator who hassled conservative groups? Why did it send investigators to Ferguson but not to the scene of black on white murders? Such discrimination by the Obama administration seems far more important than some pizza shop owners ideas on serving at a gay wedding.

    It is always difficult to craft a law so it doesn't do more harm than good, but the right of small businesspersons to take on or reject their prospective employees and their clientele base should be recognized and protected. I have had experience in making such decisions and can't imagine giving the government and antagonistic citizens at large the right to attack me for my reasoning. If businesses make enough wrong decisions on any matter impacting their operations they will eventually go out of business. Thus the situation is self-correcting.

    Mr. J's rhetorical question about skin head restauranteurs actually proves my point--not his. Why should we stop such people from opening a restaurant? First how would you legally identify them? Secondly, why couldn't they merely say they were a private membership organization, and everyone would need to apply, obtain five letters of recommendation from the Board of Governors, etc. etc.? And who should really care? Some places still require a tie and jacket--would you jail their managers? And don't forget, we all loved the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld who refused to serve George any soup!
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  3. Bill,

    Most people believe that the question of whether it was legal to withhold service from people at a lunch counter because they had dark skin or other attribute was resolved in Selma, Alabama, in the 60s. This requirement supposedly trumped any personal reservations that the lunch counter owner might have based on his personal religious beliefs or prejudices.
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