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Conflict With Obamacare?

Hold the Applause For Obama’s Demarche On Personalized Medicine
By Betsy McCaughey, in a New York Sun op-ed piece.

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  1. Thomas,

    Whether Obamacare or Medicare or your insurance company should pay for expensive gene therapies for every patient is a very good question. The ability to target specific medicines to the genetic makeup of a particular cancer patient appears to be on the horizon, but as yet it is a very expensive experimental procedure.

    The question raised is, in the absence of Obamacare (the house voted for the 56th time this week to repeal Obamacare!) would conservatives advocate that every patient should get this treatment? Would the conservatives mandate that insurance companies be required to pay for this treatment?

    If Obamacare does not currently include paying for this type of treatment, do conservatives believe the Obamacare regulations should be modified so that that treatment is included?

    Or do they believe there should be some other mechanism to pay for it?

    Or do they think only rich people should have access to that treatment?

    In the opinion of conservatives, who should pay for very expensive, experimental treatments?

    Good questions! Any thoughts, Thomas?
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