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His True Colors

Obama is our first black president, but he is also the first president who deliberately and repeatedly has played the race card to stoke class warfare and foment racial turmoil, purely for domestic political gains.  His conduct appears to be motivated by the same liberal-progressive-socialist urge to destroy our social and political fabric that motivated his friend and advisor Bill Ayers. 

Ayers, it will be recalled, was featured in a New York Times article, published ironically on 9/11, the day the Pentagon and the World Trade Towers were bombed by Al Queda.  In the Times article Ayers is quoted as stating the he had no regrets about organizing the student-radical Weatherman Underground, an organization that bombed public buildings and robbed and murdered innocent civilians, all in the name of “Death to Amerika; bring the [Vietnam] war home, and ice the pigs.” 

Obama and his racist Attorney General Eric Holder clearly absorbed Ayers’s animosity toward “the pigs” (police).

Read Obama’s Ferguson Dog and Pony Show, Jonathan Tobin’s article posted on the Commentary website.

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  1. Thomas,

    Your demonstrably false characterization of Bill Ayers as Obama's "Friend and Advisor" does you no credit and saps any remaining shred of credibility from your blog.

    When you rely on false statements to smear others, your attacks lose all force and you risk being dismissed as one whose opinions are unworthy of honest discussion.
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  2. J. Jay,

    While Obama’s long, if thinly documented, relation with Ayers may be debatable regarding its exact nature and depth, it is nonetheless real; and there is enough documentation of it to establish the relationship was a) more than a little ‘friendly’ and b) Ayers ‘advised’ him on multiple occasions and subjects.

    Next, you will be telling he didn’t really know his Rezko, Wright, Davis, Soros, or Khalidi (and many other radical leftists), or that his relations with them were perfectly innocent, or that his involvement with ACORN was limited to representing them on getting violent teen offenders treated as juvenile delinquents. - Khalidi – Ayers – Soros – Wright - Rezko - ACORN – Davis

    To believe that, we’d have to believe the man has almost no friends, because after eliminating everyone with whom he spent significant time and worked toward shared objectives, the number remaining (after discounting everyone he’s – thus far – thrown under the bus) reduces to his White House staff. Surely, you are not asking us to accept a man worshipped by millions is practically friendless, are you? Perhaps, you are asking us to believe he materialized in 2005 out of thin air with no past history beyond a contested birth certificate, some sketchy school records, sealed college records, a revoked law license, and specious teaching credentials.

    You may be that gullible, but we are not. Ayers is known (and documented) to have had a close working relationship for at least seven years (1995-2002, see ), was hosted by his wife Michelle (see ), shared affiliations with radical leftist organizations (see ), and hung out together at Ayers and backyard barbeques (see ). Ayers even claims he ghost wrote ‘Dreams from My Father’ (see ) for him. Possibly, Obama [conveniently] remembers these relationships differently than those purged from his inner-circle or left behind, but apparently they recall having been close to the man, and speak knowledgably of him.
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  3. Bob,

    Obama attended a fund raiser hosted by Ayers during his campaign. Ask yourself honestly how many thousands of people does a candidate meet during a political campaign?

    Along with Ayers (and dozens of other people)many years ago Obama was on the board of a large non-profit organization to help disadvantaged children. Obama was not in charge of determining the makeup of that board.

    In no way do these fleeting contacts make Ayers a "Friend and Adviser."

    If Obama has not seen or spoken to Ayers for years since these occasions, Thomas's repeated smears are less than honorable.
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  4. J. Jay,

    Not 'A' fundraiser, Obama's very first fundraiser as a candidate. More than that Ayers and Obama met at his Ayers house hatching that inaugural campaign.

    You are correct that, individually, none of these proofs amount to much, but collectively they speak volumes. But, of course, we understand you would rather debate them individually, divorced from all the rest, precisely for that reason - that it is their collective weight as makes him and his multiple unsavory associations a political-liability. Individually, they are embarrassing, collectively he's got so many nails in that coffin there is little wood left in it.

    Thomas is only presenting the facts, and there is no dishonor in that. Besides, coming from you - someone who has stooped many times to baseless smears - that is definitely the kettle calling a pot black; and is, itself, a smear. Really, J Jay, you need a look in your own rearview mirror before taking such cheap shots at others far more honorable than yourself.
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  5. Bob,

    The board of the Woods Fund of Chicago on which both Obama served met four times a year for a few hours to approve grants. This charity has $58 million in assets from which the board awards grants for needy educational endeavors. The board of the fund is made up of many CEOs and titans of industry from across the country.

    While Ayers and Obama each served on this board for nine years, their time together on this board overlapped only three years.

    Bob, If Obama has not seen Ayers for many years, and has never taken any advice from Ayers, how can you assert that calling Ayers a "friend and Advisor" is anything less than a smear?
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