The View From 1776

Understanding Why Our Enemy Is Our Enemy

Frank Madarasz alerted me to this article:

The Question of Islamic Reform

Neither wishful thinking nor politically-correct suppression of free speech in the public square will alter the reality of the brutal aims and methods of Islamic Jihad.

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  1. Great article. David Solway says it like it is! There is no hope for the Middle East Muslims; no nation building; no compromises; no peaceful existence. The cultural legacy of Islam, for over 1,000 years, is one of backwardness, ignorance, intolerance, and totalitarianism.

    That is why we should just get totally out of the Middle East and let them deal with each other--or with the Russians and Chinese who may try to work with them. Good luck to any who try!! We have no strategic interest there and our efforts there for the last 60 years have all done more harm than good. To continue such a losing policy is insanity.
    Posted by BILL GREENE  on  10/07  at  01:48 PM
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