The View From 1776

Liberal-Progressivism’s Contradictions

Liberal-progressivism prides itself on being scientific and ridicules as ignorant superstition the Constitution’s foundation in our Judeo-Christian heritage.  In fact, liberal-progressivism is a ramshackle collection of inconsistent hypotheses that never in human history have worked as predicted by liberal-progressivism’s self-appointed elite.

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  1. Thomas,

    At the risk of not addressing all your points (due to the length of the article) let me toss out a few thoughts that occurred to me while reading it.

    1) Ethics, and other moral concepts, such as sin, good and evil, apply only to human beings. The lion who kills the lamb is neither good nor bad. He is just gathering lunch.

    2) Biological evolutionary processes (which apply to all living organisms)therefore occur without reference to systems of morality. Those organisms who produce more surviving progeny come to dominate their environments irrespective of any "construct" of good and evil.

    3) It is a leap to say that classical evolutionary principals can be applied to the affairs of men. Perhaps you could argue that societies in which people obey laws and constitutions will result in a higher survival rate of children than those who live in a lawless jungle, and that therefore societies and laws could be said to be part of the evolutionary picture. But in my view, using the term evolution in this context is a big stretch and perhaps only a useful metaphor.

    4) In the end, I believe I agree with you in that those who preach that the development or predominance of certain forms of social organization have an evolutionary basis are spouting hot air.
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