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Darwin, Liberal-Progressivism And World War I

Charles Darwin’s theories (The Origin of Species - 1859 and The Descent of Man - 18871) are a major foundational element in the statist, collectivistic doctrine of liberal-progressive-socialism, which produced the barbarity of the 20th century’s wars that killed tens of millions of soldiers and civilians. 

Darwin wrote that evolutionary survival of the fittest would lead the world’s superior races eventually to exterminate inferior races.  His cousin, Sir Francis Galton, borrowed Darwin’s ideas in 1883 to found eugenics, premised on the need to expedite evolution by eliminating inferior individuals in order to prevent mongrelization of the human race.

In the first decades after publication of Darwin’s ideas, they gained wide support among European and American liberal-progressives.  Karl Marx was delighted with Darwin’s evolutionary theories, which Marx hailed as supporting socialism’s ultimate triumph.  Darwin’s most influential contemporary backer in England, Thomas Huxley, declared that there was no such thing as sin; there was only the struggle for survival.  By 1886 Friedrich Nietzsche (Beyond Good and Evil), influenced by the prevailing vogue for Darwinian evolutionary theory, declared that “God is dead.”  Nietzsche’s conclusion remains the doctrine inculcated in our educational system today.

On the surface and in the popular press, the idea of progress in the late Victorian era was a reflection largely of the great strides in science and industry that were raising living standards everywhere.  But the idea of evolutionary progress had darker implications:

The Biology of the Second Reich: Social Darwinism and the Origins of World War I
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  1. The processes of biological evolution are not dependent on how humans act. The horrendous acts of a criminal such as Hitler, do not affect the processes of the natural world. Had Hitler based his atrocities on his understanding of the theory of gravity would not have affected the validity of the theory of gravity.
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  2. I believe that you are mixing apples and oranges. My post says nothing about German sociologists in WW I or Hitler in WW II validating or invalidating Darwinian evolution.

    The evidence is abundantly clear that many Europeans, including Hitler, used some aspect of Darwinian evolution to justify their beliefs and actions, ranging from eugenics to the Holocaust.
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  3. Thanks, Thomas, for that clarification.

    I inferred, perhaps without basis, that the intent of the articles was to say that because Hitler believed in Eugenics, that his twisted beliefs were somehow an indictment of the principles of science.
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  4. Hitler's twisted beliefs were no indictment of real science. But they highlight the fiction that is Darwinian evolution theory.
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