The View From 1776

Spiritual Representation In The Modern World

Liberal-progressives assert that God definitely is dead and that liberal-progressivism is the earthly embodiment of truth and power.

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  1. One of the great gifts made by Christianity to mankind was the belief that there was a God above who ruled over all men. That principle meant ipso facto that no earthly ruler was supreme; our rights and duty were derived to and from God; and that Kings and Princes came second to God. That concept is what fueled the justification for the common people to demand more rights, freedom, and a say in who was to rule their governing institutions. Ironically, during the so-called Enlightenment, philosophers like Locke and Hume wrote treatises about those rights, claiming credit for their "original" thoughts, which had actually been proclaimed by ordinary people and the Christian Church for centuries before.

    Those growing demands gradually gained rights for wide swaths of citizens and led to the growth of democratic systems in most of the Western nations. These advances occurred no where else on earth because none of the other religious belief systems endorsed the special nature of individuals, free will, freedom of religion, and the right to depose secular leaders. Without Christianity to show the way, the rest of the world stagnated for thousands of years under despotic rulers!

    An additional boon for the West was that economic freedom was part and parcel of the demand for individual freedom. Without economic freedom and secure property rights, there is no true freedom for citizens for otherwise they cannot keep the product of their toil. The combination of individual rights and economic freedom became the foundation of the West's phenomenal prosperity and its peoples' vastly increased standard of living. Such widespread prosperity occurred no where else on earth.

    As the post writes, todays liberal intellectuals want to get rid of God because he is what has for over a thousand years stood in the way of despots assuming arbitrary power over society. That is why the Leftist progressive Socialists of today are no different from Nazis, Communists, Kings, and Emperors. They use different names, but to the average person, they look and act the same--just as a wolf and a puppy look the same to a baby rabbit.
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  2. Thomas,

    I enjoyed reading your piece and agree with much of it.

    I think, however, you went astray toward the end with your reference to the Obama quote, "You did not build that" when he was speaking about industry. This quote was famously taken out of context by the GOP during their 2012 campaign, and you have done so again here. The quote was a clear reference to the infrastructure (roads, bridges, power plants, etc.) that made the advance of industry possible. Most of this infrastructure is put in place under the aegis of government because as individuals we plainly cannot build roads and bridges. These facilities must be produced with a communal effort.

    Government by, for and of the people makes private efforts of industry thrive, but without government you have Somalia.
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  3. Mr. Jay, I have to disagree with your effort to shield Obama from what he said. In any case, Elizabeth Warren harbors the same sentiments and she made them explicit:

    Warren had this to say, according to Progressive columnist E.J. Dionne:

    “There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own,” she said. “Nobody. You built a factory out there? Good for you. But I want to be clear: You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for.” It was all part of “the underlying social contract,” she said, a phrase politicians don’t typically use.
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  4. It's amazing how far Obama's supporters will tweak his words when he "mis-speaks." It seems clear based on their record, that Obama and Warren do not believe in free enterprise and individual initiative--the factors that have made America strong.

    And their comments highlighted in this post clearly indicate that they even deny the role of entrepreneurs, inventors, and start-up businesses, the creators of all new jobs.

    Of course there is a function--many of them--for contructive government action--roads and police being perhaps the most obvious--although the country grew in prosperity and comfort very well after 1620-for over a hundred years without even such basic government actions. Fot a detailed breakdown of what is legitimate government action and what is not read my classmate's book "The Limits of Government," Joseph F. Johnston (Regnery Gateway, 1984)
    Posted by BILL GREENE  on  09/03  at  08:27 AM
  5. Yes, NOW, government extorts the funds/issues the counterfeit currency, and uses it to contract for individuals working in private firms to build the roads and bridges. This was not always the case.

    When my umpty-great grand-father was chief county judge, they rotated among citizens for such duties. A commission would be appointed to survey and negotiate a route with the land-owners. Then an over-lapping commission would be given the task of construction (or maintenance). Sometimes, a portion of the materials costs would come from the county tax and fine coffers, but it was nothing like the leftists' wet-dreams.

    The first "national road" was built this way, by local people doing local work, much of it funded out of their own pockets. There are still bridges standing from before 1800 which were privately built, on privately owned land, at private expense. Similarly, the Great Wagon Road, up through the Shenandoah Valley, was paved with an admittedly low-quality concrete ante-bellum.

    Private corporations had gotten into the act in George Washington's time, whereunder people would "subscribe" to fund canals or roadways, and he invested in several.

    Similarly, early horse-drawn trolley routes were privately operated. In many places, it wasn't until the leftist-regressives got into the act that government started granting monopolies, or simply taking over.

    The leftist-regressives suffer from a utopian view of feudalism, and strive to "progress" back to that time. Capitalists strive for practical improvement, i.e. progress, by honest, voluntary action, without the initiation of force or fraud. The many crony socialists, OTOH, are simply corrupt/criminal, robbing or extorting from some to fund and mandate their own whims, just as any other gangster.
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