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Judaism Exalts Life; Islam Glorifies Death

See John Steele Gordon’s piece in the Commentary Magazine website:

Understanding A Simple Question

...But while the Schleswig-Holstein question might have been hard to understand, the Israel-Palestinian question is not.  Indeed, as Dennis Prager explains in this short lecture, it couldn’t be simpler.

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  1. The history of International law and treaties reveals that successfully negotiating lasting treaties is extremely rare. There is 99%-correct notion that every treaty ever signed has been broken--and that comes in large part from the culturally similar nations of Europe.

    When Muslim nations are considered, the unlikely prospects of negotiated settlements becomes magnified. This is because, 1.) the most militant Islamic clerics rule their secular world; 2.)they are religious fanatics whose basic teaching is that all infidels must convert or die; 3.) they know not the meaning of compromise; and 4.) they rely on exhorting their uneducated masses to pursue jihad, and suicide bombings, both to keep them busy, and to pester their adversaries.

    This unique religious/culture may explain why there are few Muslim sports teams represented at the Olympics--they have never learned to play by the rules and cooperate--very valuable characteristics that have contributed so much to Western Civilization's world supremacy and prosperity.

    The radical Islamists fall into the "fanatic" category described by General Sherman during our Civil War. He said the Southern Cavalry was among the best in the history of war, in part because they were fanatical in defense of their plantation slave culture. He went on to lament that the ONLY way to deal with fanatics is to kill them! In today's kinder, gentler world we have forgotten such basic truths.

    America should stop interfering in the Palestinian question because 60 years of efforts have failed and besides it is none of our business--let the Israelis deal with it as best they can, which could be much better than all our State Department's varied but failed approaches.
    Posted by BILL GREENE  on  08/17  at  11:38 AM
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