The View From 1776

Revolutionary Aspects Of Our War Of Independence

Robert Stapler presents a thorough review of his differences of viewpoint with my earlier post

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  1. There's some over-simplification. It wasn't just the yeomen, and not even only the active anti-federalists who sought a looser confederation. There were JPs and lawyers and a few merchants and long hunters and mill-owners and iron-workers and plantation owners and soldiers and Presbyterians and Quakers and Episcopalians and Baptists and Huguenots and Jews... among them.

    They had origins in different parts of the British Isles and the Continent, as pointed out by Fischer (_Albion's Seed_), and the attendant cultural clusters.

    I see the regressives/leftists/Reds/socialists/fascists/communists/Marxists/collectivists as rebelling against liberty, yearning for some utopian version of feudalism that never existed and can never exist, while progressives/true blue Republicans/liberals mostly strive toward a realistic yet more perfect liberty with free and honest markets.
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