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Have A Joyous Christmas

From the Commentary website:  Nobody Should Fear a Merry Christmas

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  1. The alleged "War on Christmas" is a figment of the imagination of Fox News (or at least a handy topic to bash the liberal during slow news days.)

    With the vast majority of the country claiming to be Christians there is little evidence that the nefarious cabal that Fox sees under every bush to end Christmas will be successful any time soon.

    In fact, the real joy of Christmas appears to be most clearly seen in the cash registers of the nation's retail establishments, where the days around Christmas represent the majority of their annual sales.

    It is difficult not to recognize that in America the true meaning of Christmas is buy, buy, buy rather than anything that occurred in Bethlehem. If you want to confirm this as an experiment, just ask the next person you meet to tell you what the meaning of Christmas is to them.
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