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Perspective On Iranian Aggression

David Goldman argues that, because of its inescapably low birth rate, Iran is a dying civilization.  Its economy is a shambles, and the Ayatollahs see external conquest, or at least regional hegemony, as the only way to prevent the demographic death of Iran.  Hence, catastrophic military conflict may be inevitable, no matter what the Obama administration choses to believe.


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  1. hrmph. He doesn't show that Iran/Persia is a "dying civilization", but only that their illfare state is doomed for lack of a continuing flood of fresh, new victims. So, what's new?

    Alexander and company, and Nebuchadnezzar before them, made sure that the genes of Persia were in no danger of dying out, but shared them about in a Moonie-style mass marriage and subsequent scattering through India, Africa, and Europe. Those genes are thoroughly spread around the world, now. The students who stayed in the USA, Europe, and Japan at the rise of the khomeinis are continuing to make certain of that.

    There's no danger of the world population dying off below 1G... unless the warmist hysterics have their ways and manage to freeze off over 6G in the dark, huddled under their bird-whackers.

    God told us to be fruitful and multiply, but we misunderstood and have been exponentiating ever since.
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  2. jgo is spot on in pointing out the idiocy of Goldman's comments that a low birth rate spells doom.

    Most biologists believe that the earth is capable of sustaining a population of 2 to 3 billion people on a long term basis. So, lowered birth rates should be celebrated as a route toward saving humanity as a species.

    Maintaining high fertility rates as a means of supporting retirees is a vicious circle that will only continue the rapid spiral of resource exhaustion.
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