The View From 1776

Pretensions of The Liberal-Progressive Elite

Do we really need Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Mayor Bloomberg to run our daily lives?  Is ObamaCare evidence of superior intellect to be found only among the scientistic, self-appointed gods of liberal-progressive-socialism?

Read ‘Nothing Is so Galling to a People as a Meddling Government’, on the Mises Institute’s blog, The Circle Bastiat.

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  1. Lord Macaulay put his finger on the main driver of prosperous nations: “the authority of law and the security of property (helped create) a prosperity from which the annals of human affairs had furnished no example.” The dual supports of “security” and economic “freedom” allow the common citizenry to act with both personal motivation and imagination. These two fundamantal societal advantages were on display in the New World after 1620 when Americans forged an economic miracle never equalled in history. These institutional bulwarks have been seen in most successful start-up nations that provided the level playing field essential to capitalism. Unfortunately, today, in America, the government has undermined that playing field by obstructive policy.

    However “government” is not to blame. The article cited above makes many references to “government” but let’s recall that America both before and after 1776 had a government--for 300 years--from 1620-1920, that did not do much harm. The Renaissance city states had governments, as did 16th century Holland, and yet they too prospered. The problem develops when a “government” is directed by abstract-thinking utopianists who think they can “make things better” by mandating behavior from the top down. It is the liberal mind-set, found in many of the most intelligent people, that undermines an ennabling government and turns it into a destructive government.

    Conservative are often seen as being against government, but governments are essential--to maintain law and order, to operate the courts, defend minority rights, aid the indigent, and preserve the Constitution. The problem is pure and simply found in failed leaders who overreach, who put ideology and politics and self gain ahead of the national interest, and who succumb to corruption, intimidation, and falsehoods--like lying to the people!
    Posted by bill greene  on  11/20  at  08:58 PM
  2. Bill,

    Hope you have a good Thanksgiving.

    I was reminded this evening that it was good ol' Abe Lincoln (Republican) who made Thanksgiving a national holiday, in an effort to bind up and reunite the soul of the country after the divisive splits caused by the civil war.

    With the recent increase in rancor between the parties, we could use some of that medicine right now.
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  3. J. J.,

    It is shaping up as a great Thanksgiving celebration, though I did stuff down way too much good food. I hope you and yours are similarly blessed on this day when we give thanks for all God's blessings and Grant's victories.

    I am hoping to convince you in the coming year 2014 of the obvious merits and essential need for fiscal conservativism so that we can bury any vestigial rancor and ideological differences that may exist between us.
    Posted by bill greene  on  11/29  at  10:17 AM
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