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Democrat/Socialist Party Radicals Oppose Both Hillary And The Party’s “Wall Street” Wing

Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of The Nation magazine, in her Washington Post opinion column, lays out the radical, left-wing view point: 
The ‘Democratic wing’ of the Democratic Party wakes up.

Founded in 1865, The Nation is this country’s oldest, still-running far-left, liberal-socialist publication.

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  1. As a political conservative wishing to keep a fair and honest marketplace I can only applaud much of what Warren says: It is true that since Clinton, Goldman Sachs and their brethren on Wall Street have run the Treasury Department, the Federal reserve, and brought one panic after another on our economy, all while enriching the one tenth of one percent at the top. Obama has accelerated this corruption with his massive bailouts, miniscule fines, and continued acquiescence to Wall Street. That is why the Occupy Wall Street movement and the Tea Party should unite!

    The problem with Warren however is she will just want more government regulation of all businesses and continue our slide into a managed economy and socialism. The vast majority of American corporations are splendid examples of capitalism and the free market. The major exceptions are when government gets in bed with a corporation or industry--as they have done with the financial industry--Wall Street. Typical of government malfeasance is that they loosen the useful regs, and pile on the harmful regs.

    Regulating to create a level playing field is not that difficult if honest people want to do it. The problem is that the majority of both Repubs and Dems in government are not honestly trying--they can't resist catering to the powerful financial interests that help keep them in office, and in the bucks.
    Posted by bill greene  on  11/13  at  09:31 AM
  2. Bill,

    You make several good points, but I think you unfairly characterize Warren as wanting more government regulation "for all businesses." I have not seen any evidence for that claim.

    As you note, her primary interest is in curbing the excesses of Wall Street and the big mega-banks. And I think you and I agree that moving in that direction is a worthy objective.

    And you are also correct that a lot of the emotion behind the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movements come from a similar place in the heart, a desire to reclaim the fundamentals of governance for the honest middle class.
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  3. Jay- Re Warren--she speaks well about reforming Wall Street, but todate, as a Senator, what has she done? We are still getting over her "fake Indian" claims, her sinecure? at Harvard, and her ties to bernie sanders, so it may be naive to trust her rants about Wall Street, or to assume ahe is sincere or able to do something about it.
    Posted by bill greene  on  11/13  at  07:18 PM
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