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Fed Fabulation

Janet Yellen, recently nominated to succeed Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, is credited with establishing the Fed’s official policy target of 2% annual inflation.

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  1. Thomas,

    I would be interested to have you go back into your archives of this blog and let us know when you first started screaming that unbridled runaway inflation was about to destroy the nation because of the Fed's actions. If I were to guess, I would estimate that for perhaps 10 to 15 years you have been singing this lament and predicting the country's imminent demise, due to application of "false" Keynesian theory.

    But would you not be tempted to admit that the proof is in the pudding? We have had an amazing run of almost no inflation, proving that your theories are without foundation. If your theories do not predict outcomes, why do you continue to hold them in the face of repeated embarrassment?
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