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By Federal Standards Obamacare Is A Roaring Success

In private enterprise, failure to generate enough sales or to control costs results in failure. 

In the Federal Government the opposite is true.  Performing a useful service effectively is a secondary consideration, the basic aim being to employ the maximum possible number of people, at the greatest conceivable cost, for the longest imaginable time.  That is the way politicians buy our votes.

Ron Morrissey, on The Fiscal Times website, summarizes the latest Obamacare inconsistencies, incompetencies, and equivocations.

Obama and Sebelius: “The Dog Ate My Homework”

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  1. It is ironic that the current gleeful Republican-sponsored hearings on the failures of the Obamacare rollout are likely to have the unintended effect of actually hurrying the corrections to the software glitches.

    If the Republicans truly wished for Obamacare to fail, they would have let it collapse of its own weight. But they cannot resist getting in there to "rub it in" by asking, "Why did you let our health care system rollout have so many problems!!!" (as if they were really unhappy about it!)

    They cannot resist the temptation to score some short term political knife wounds, with their wide-eyed crocodile tears at the problems with the sign up procedures in some states.

    Their schadenfreude is showing by their protesting a bit too much!
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  2. "They cannot resist the temptation to score some short term political knife wounds," unlike Obama and Harry Reid, who were conciliatory and careful not to call Republicans terrorists.
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  3. J. Jay,
    Obviously, no less than your own schadenfreude at what you believe to be strategic errors based on an ignorance [yours] of what passes for failure in the political arena. If all it took getting rid of bad laws, bad policies or bad ideas was to give them free reign, more than three-quarters of the enactments of the last half century would be in the dustbin by now. Instead, they languish, pile up, gum up, are periodically patched up, kept going, and defended by inane supporters convinced (by politicians and MSM) they can’t possibly live without them. Wishing does not make such monstrosities go away, they must be slain beyond resuscitation. First, they must be repealed; and the only way to get them repealed is to keep up the pressure until enough voters come to see what monstrosities they really are. Then they must enshrined in the pantheon of monstrous ideas; ideas like ‘Marxism’, ‘monarchy’, ‘fascism’, ‘terrorism’, ‘welfare-states’, ‘too big to fail’, ‘environmentalism’, ‘slavery’ and ‘eugenics’. Medicaid is such a disaster from its very inception (though not nearly so awful as ACA will become), yet it remains with us today. Social Security is a disaster long in the making, one that must ultimately leave seniors in the lurch. The EPA, welfare, our federalized/propagandized/lobotomized educational system, bureaucracies run amok, czars wielding illicit powers, the list of bad ideas goes on. Our Constitution lies in tatters, trampled by ignoramuses convinced of infallibility.

    In truth, there is no Republican schadenfreude here regarding Obama-Care for, as laughable a piece of legislation as it is, there is nothing funny about living under it. But your glee at (supposed) Republican pain is undeniable. I see, too, you have your knife out. Well, be prepared to use it, because you will soon feel the Obama blade … same as the rest of us.
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  4. Bob,

    I suspect you are safely within the age group that enjoys the benefits of Medicare, so I am guessing your pain from the blade of Obama will be minimal.

    Fortunately, (and contrary to the sky-is-falling screams of the Republicans) Social Security is not in danger of collapse, which is lucky, because a third of the country's retirees rely on it as their sole source of income.
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