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Playing Politics vs. Governing

Maybe the nation is better off with Obama playing golf and making speeches to children.  If he were doing his job, however, Obama would have been negotiating in good faith with Republican leaders in the House and the Senate long before the government shutdown.

Obama Snookers GOP into Government Shutdown

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  1. Talking about "doing your job," as your posted piece says,

    "Even Ted Cruz’ tactics seem absurd"

    and the failure to do one's job is totally on the right side of the aisle!

    The shut down was initiated by the Republicans in hope that they could use it to blackmail Obama into killing the health care bill. Obama learned a painful lesson last time the Republicans tried this trick, and he rues the day he "negotiated" with the hostage takers. He will not, and should not, repeat that mistake this time and will not negotiate with a gun to his head.

    The Senate sent a spending bill to the House in April and they declined to "negotiate" since then by refusing to form a conference committee. So this claim of the last three days that the Democrats "won't negotiate" is pure baloney.

    If the Speaker Boehner were to put the Senate bill on the floor right now it would pass today. He is refusing to let the democratic process take place in his chamber. This is indefensible and demonstrates that the Republicans are hiding behind sly maneuvers rather than performing the legislative tasks they were elected to do. If they cannot get their way by democratic means (winning elections) they apparently believe that by threat of horrible damage to the country they can coerce the majority.
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