The View From 1776

We’ll Tell You What And How To Do

An underlying presumption of liberal-progressivism is that ordinary people neither understand what is best for them nor are capable of doing what is best for them without guidance from their socialistic administrators.  New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg is a prime example of this mentality, proposing to regulate what people eat, how much they may eat and drink, and how they are permitted to obtain what they eat and drink.

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  1. The folly of these "progressives" is best evidenced by the fact that America's rise from a a few wilderness settlements to a preeminent world power occurred in its first 300 years, from 1620-1920, when there was very limited government, virtually no intellectuals, and the common people were free to build a vibrant economic superpower. It has been the intellectual abstract-thinking theorists, who adore social planning, because they are inept at doing, who have promoted all the destructive governmental intrusions that are gradually, but inexorably bringing on the Decline of American hegemony. Their progress in this destructive course has been accelerated by their increasingly meddlesome foreign policies, where they simultaneously try to impose their will on other peoples, while attempting to subject Americans to the failed social and economic practices of foreign nations.
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