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Still Leading From Behind

Trail meekly and close enough behind, and you may get dumped upon.  The Obama administration attacks domestic political targets with whatever scurrilous tactics can be employed.  In the foreign policy arena, it’s a different matter.

Read Jonathan S. Tobin’s post on the Commentary Magazine website:
The Russians Are Happy with John Kerry


But the main result of all this schmoozing is the stark fact that the bottom line here is that the United States has buckled under to Moscow:

Mikhail V. Margelov, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the upper chamber of the Russian Parliament, said that Russia’s position on Syria had been consistent and that Mr. Kerry had finally accepted it


John Kerry isn’t the first American to be taken to the cleaners by the Russians, but it’s doubtful that any of his predecessors were fleeced so effortlessly. 

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  1. Good article by the NeoCon mag. But as a conservative I deplore their ineffectiveness. Sure, Kerry is the ultimate preppy numbskull, all arrogance and pretense,trying to look impressive while playing the clever diplomat. But, Obama's role in the Mid East has made any influence impossible. Clinton failed to negotiate a continued presence in Iraq, Obama softened the rules of engagement, undercut our one ally Netanyahu, abetted the Fall of Libya and Egypt into the radical Brotherhood's hands, stands by while the Benghazi killers roam free, and talks nice to the Palestinian terrorists. It has been a campaign of softness and confusion with no master plan or objective. If we had wanted to topple Assad, it could have been done with a quick sudden support of the rebels when it started, over a year ago, as was done, for better or worse, with Libya. Infact we should have left Ghjadafi alone and toppled Assad. Obama made the wrong choice--Surprised?

    I don't know what Commentary would recommend as a policy for the Middle East, but I wonder if all this meddling is worth while. Why not just build the Keystone Pipeline, et al., and bring all diplomats and troops home? Eliminate all oil imports; Close all Middle Eastern Embassies--our diplomats are just posturing over meaningless talks and conferences; arm Israel to the teeth; tell them they have a free hand to do whatever they need to protect themselves; and keep our planes ready to destroy anyone who attacks Israel.
    Posted by bill greene  on  05/21  at  07:34 AM
  2. I think that should be:

    Obummer regime still attacking Americans from behind
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