The View From 1776

Obama vs. American Foreign Policy Interests

It’s difficult to discern what interests of the United States might be served by influencing the UK to remain in the EU in the face of growing voter dissatisfaction in the UK.  None the less, President Obama pressured the British Prime Minister to do so.

What seems obvious, however, is that the president is greatly attracted to promoting a world government under the UN or the EU.  This strong plank of socialist doctrine was most forcibly articulated by Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto.  It is of a piece with Obama’s public assertion, and the multicultural orientation of our educational system, that there is nothing special about the United States and the American Creed that underlay the Constitution in 1787.  See the Unwritten Constitution in the right-hand column of this website.

Obama’s British Blunder, an editorial of The New York Sun, nails it.

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