The View From 1776

The End Point of Democrat/Socialist Economic Policies

Obama and his party leaders in Congress are pursuing the same sort of inward-looking policy adopted by Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich.  Hitler’s approach was to rearm internally and to annex countries whose economic resources, such as oil, were then being imported into Germany.

Obama’s aim is essentially the same, via different methods: to become self-contained and independent of foreign influences, leaving American citizens entirely at the mercy of Washington’s unelected bureaucrats.  Rather than expanding military operations, Obama apparently wants to withdraw the United States from its post-World War II leadership position, partly to support Islamic societies, to which he feels drawn, and to rebuild labor union control of economic activity in the United States.

For example: the “lead from behind” stance in Libya, Egypt, and Syria; abrupt and complete withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan; support for uneconomic renewable fuels in lieu of imported petroleum; torrents of regulations by agencies such as the EPA; and aiding labor union efforts to gain control of all industry, service organizations, and governmental institutions, this last by making products manufactured in this country uncompetitive with goods and services produced elsewhere in order to keep exorbitant salaries, medical benefits, and pension plans.

In furtherance of this agenda, the Federal Reserve has flooded the world’s financial markets with fictitious, fiat dollars in order to keep interest rates on Federal debt far below real interest rate levels.

The rest of the world is now fighting back.

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