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The Model For Obama’s Transformation Of The Nation

Detroit, a model Democrat/Socialist city, is about to go down the tubes.

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  3. And, what about Chicago? Indeed, most older urban areas are in similarly poor shape; have shrunk in population as the more enterprising flee to the suburbs. Even in New England, if you go into the formerly great industrial cities, like Waterbury, New Bedford, Springfield, Bellows Falls, etc., the only flourishing small retail stores, are devoted to cigarettes, newspapers, and lottery tickets. The only delay at most mini-mart cash registers is for the characters selecting at great length which bunch of lottery tickets to buy.

    Makes me wonder--Has there ever been a study done as to the percent of total lottery sales that come from welfare payments. The impression is that it is one big circle- The government hands out aid, and much of it is given right back in lottery sales. Instead of encouraging thrift our governments have created a mass culture of dependent beings whose world view is to hope for the big score. So much for HOPE!

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  4. Urban decay has been occurring for decades in many cities in America (and in cities located in other countries) for a host of reasons, including migration of the poor from the south, poor urban design decisions, redlining, strip malls, and suburbanization. To Blithely maintain that all urban decay is simply the result of not having a GOP mayor is simplistic.
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