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ObamaCare Costs

The latest reported uptick in employment is deceptive, because the total number of hours worked declined, even as the number of workers employed rose.

Retail Workweek Hits 3-Year Low In ObamaCare Shift
By Jed Graham, Investor’s Business Daily


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  1. all figures not seasonally adjusted:
    U-1: 4.3%
    U-3: 8.5%
    U-4: 9%
    U-5: 9.9%
    U-6: 15.4%

    men: 9%
    temps: 4.9%
    full-time: 9%
    part-time 6.6%

    4% UR for Management occupations
    3.9% UR for Management, professional, and related occupations
    3.8% UR for Professional and related occupations
    10% UR for Service occupations
    10.4% UR for Production occupations

    3.246M unemployed less than 5 weeks
    3.316M unemployed 5-14 weeks
    1.854M unemployed 15-26 weeks
    4.764M unemployed 27+ weeks

    33.6 weeks average duration of unemployment
    14.7 weeks median duration of unemployment

    72.8% employment/population 25+ with at least bachelor's
    57.9% employment/population all
    63.4% employment/population men
    52.7% employment/population women
    52.7% employment/population blacks
    60.8% employment/population foreign-born
    57.3% employment/population native

    69.7% labor force participation rate men
    63.3% labor force participation rate all

    244.663M civilian, non-institutionalized population 16 and older
    89.868M not in labor force
    154.794M civilian labor force
    141.614M employed
    13.181M unemployed actively seeking work

    2.155M employed in information industries
    $983.11 average weekly pay in info industries
    35.3 weekly hours worked in info industries

    228.1K employed as production workers in software publishing

    Some of these (including this last) have had the historical data for the last couple years significantly revised by BLS.

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