The View From 1776

The No-Business President

Evidently Obama meant what he repeatedly claimed during his 4-year re-election campaign: “you didn’t build that; socialistic government did it.”  He repeatedly took credit, among other things, for raising petroleum and natural gas production, rescuing and revitalizing the American auto industry, and creating new jobs with “green energy” companies (most of which went bankrupt or remain alive only with Federal subsidies).

Meanwhile the president, plagued with the highest long-sustained unemployment since the 1930s’ Great Depression, ignored advice from major company officers appointed to his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.  He, as was true of his socialistic predecessor Franklin Roosevelt, is either an economics ignoramus or a president intent upon destroying individual self-reliance and private businesses (note particularly the coal mining industry). 

For Obama the bottom line appears to be reducing everyone to dependency on the socialized political state, in which the driving force for the economy is, not productive employment in free-market competitive businesses, but the Federal Reserve manufacturing trillions of fiat dollars out of thin air.

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  1. The commentators have been complaining loud and long about what they describe as the excessive number of "Czars" in the administration. When this particular "Council" was not renewed, he gets complaints because these Czars are now gone!
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  2. Mr. Jay, the council members were not czars. They held no administrative posts, but were asked only to offer advice to the president, which he ignored and continued to bash businessmen in his speeches, while piling on costly regulations and threatening new taxes.
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