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Unexpected Aspect Of Education Cost

See Three Cheers for Emory University, by Joseph Salerno on The Circle Bastiat website.

Mr. Salerno’s article highlights the strong connection between graduate education and the social sciences (a concept invented by French socialists in the late 18th and early 19th centuries).  Since the ending decades of the 19th century in the United States, graduate study in social sciences understandably has been driven by the ideology of socialism.  This led to creation of the eastern liberal establishment, notably Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and our present-day liberal-progressive-socialist, Barack Obama.

The underlying precept of social sciences is the scientistic belief that only the intelligentsia understands what is wrong with society.  Only the intelligentsia, our self-appointed guardians, have the special knowledge to create social and political structures to compel the rest of us to conform to behavioral modes that the socialist intelligentsia find acceptable. 

For more extensive background, read The Corruption of Public Education: How It Happened.

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  1. Any discussion concerning the general decline of Western Civilization must consider the distinction between what Sowell descibes as the "hard-sciences" and the soft-sciences." The Industrial Revolution and Western prosperity was built by "hard" scientists--and I mean specifically the individual engineers, mechanics, chemists, and entrepreneurs who applied their concrete skills to innovating and building.

    Originally, such skills and aptitudes were framed within apprentice opportunities, local private schools, tutors, and on-the-job training. As universities and public/religious schools were formed, this training was to some extent enhanced.

    But, as Tom points out,
    "No one would quarrel with the introduction of larger doses of mathematics and the introduction of science courses in chemistry, physics, and biology. The trouble came from introducing the so-called social sciences which had been invented by French socialist intellectuals."

    While hard scientists and engineers still advance our control over the physical world, and make our lives easier, healthier, and more enjoyable, soft scientists have contributed virtually nothing of tangible value to our lives. Sure, when they stick to writing great books, plays, and movies, they produce something of value. But primarily they advance vague and usually harmful social, economic, and political theories that undermine the foundation of Western nations. This "soft" intelligentsia has operated like a cancer, absorbing those who love abstractions, "ideas," theories, and grand utopian schemes. Sowell's book, "A Conflict of Visions," describes how such liberal minds work different from the practical minds of our Founders. They are drawn to academia where they are allowed, unlike physical "hard" scientists, to promulgate unproven theories as gospel.

    That is why I suggest that "intelligentsias," and their elevation to a revered "expert" status in Western nations, has been the root cause of the Decline of the West. The only cure for America's ongoing decline is to de-emphasizs the role that social scientists, academics, and the educational establishment play in informing each new generation.
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  2. Unexpected arguments! very, very interesting!!!
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