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Teachers’ Unions Promote Anti-American Socialism

Teachers Fill Marxism Conference to Map Future Indoctrination of School Kids

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  1. It is common knowledge that our colleges of journalism and most schools at all levels are primarily staffed with far left socialists. They form the opinion leaders of America and they are undermining all traditional ideas about liberty and self reliance. Because hedonism and dependency are seductive to many, the downward spiral accelerates.

    Once a Republic becomes a populist democracy, with half the citizenry supporting a big mama government, the end is near. Such is the lesson of history--the fall of nations comes from internal rot--the loss of personal pride and self-sufficiency.

    Intellectuals with grand utopian ideas of how things should be corrupt the weak, tempt the lazy or idealistic with easy answers, and ignore the realities of human society. They forget that there is no free lunch, that poverty and need will expand in direct proportion to the funds made available to alleviate them, and that those in charge will seek only to profit from their ill-gained power.
    Posted by bill greene  on  11/19  at  09:19 PM
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  3. Bill,

    Why do you think (assuming it is true for the sake of argument) that colleges and universities are staffed primarily with "far left socialists?"

    Is it a conspiracy? Or are conservatives simply not attracted to life spent discussing ideas, and prefer the rewards of being in business or finance?
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  4. I;m so glad you asked, Jay! That is the subject of my last book: "Wasted Genius." Modern neuroscience has revealed the great variety of "brains" and the variation in how pwople think, act, and learn. Those with an above average skill at abstract conceptualizations are quite different from concrete or pragmatic thinkers.

    The former do well in today's schools and get hign scores on SAT and IQ tests. Because that skill is prized above all others in academia, they get elevated to the best colleges and professional careers. In science the abstract helps but we are tslking here about academia in general. and the non academic world, where concrete mechanical engineering type skills are more important.

    My book traces the origins of the Industrial Revolution to the mechanical skills of practical inventors, tinkerers and scientists. Unfortunately, their success at creating modern affluentr societies allowed a non=productive intellectual class to emerge that lives off the productivity of others and deals in abstract, second-hand, often utopian, usually disastrous socio-economic schemes that they inflict on those beneath them.

    This process over a long time period in history is one of the reasons for cycles, the rise and fall of societies--those practical people who create affluence get displaced by a new elite, and Decline commences.
    Posted by bill greene  on  11/23  at  01:54 PM
  5. Bill,

    Is the implication is that abstract thinkers tend to fall to the left, and that concrete thinkers tend to fall to the right side of the political spectrum?

    Or are you saying that folks who score high on SAT and IQ tests tend to be lefties, and folks who do poorly on standardized tests are more conservative? That is a fairly broad generalization, if I may say so. I am not aware of any data that would back that theory up.
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  6. IQ and SAT tests have a bias that rewards abstract algorithmic thinking. Indeed, the selection of questions on each new annual set of tests is designed to find which test takers are best at that type of mental agility. Classroom grades emphasize memory, steadfastness, obedience, and quickness. Such people become great lawyers, hedge fund traders, Wall Street speculators, and academics, professors, think tank "experts," and similarly non-productive characters. Robert McNamara, JFK's favorite Harvard Whiz-Kid, who kept saying we could win in Vietnam, was a good prototype. So are the Treasury Secretaries of the last eight years--all from Goldman Sachs, Chase, etc. who failed to see the mortgage melt-down.

    But the point is that only those who like abstract theory will "fall for" socialist dogma and Keynsian theory. Indeed they will love such stuff because their minds work in a way that actually believes they can solve grand problems by manipulating from the top. (There is an arrogance and excess pride and faith in reason found in most intellectuals)

    Quite differently, concrete thinkers like to grapple with real world problems at the micro level and solve them, improve actual processes from the bottom, and of course make something, start businesses, improve productive systems. And they inately distrust theory until proven to work.

    With such minds, it is only natural that abstract thinkers will endorse utopian schemes, and concrete thinkers will remain skeptical. Keynsian pump priming and "stimulus" spending is a perfect example of this divide. Only theorists debate this.
    Posted by bill greene  on  12/04  at  09:33 AM
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