The View From 1776

Make-Nice Is Not A Foreign Policy

The ongoing fiasco in the Middle East - murder of our ambassador and members of his staff, along with military assaults on other embassies - has been encouraged in great part by Obama’s Mr. Nice Guy presentation of fecklessness and indifference toward Islamic terrorism in the Middle East.  That presentation, in turn, arises from fundamental religious doctrines of liberal-progressive-socialism.

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  1. Thomas,

    I suppose you are saying that Ronald Reagan's feckless pullout from Lebenon after the Beirut bombing and 241 dead marines are a good example of how we should handle Islamic terrorism?

    Or perhaps George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq is a good way to "Teach 'em who is boss!" That sure showed the Arab world what shock and awe can do for our national standing.

    Yes, a little chest pounding and threats of military action against those protestors would be the way to go!
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