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While Obama Fiddles

Preoccupied with the more important matter of spending most of his time, far more than any other president in history, attending fund raisers for his re-election, President Obama reportedly skipped security briefings aimed at heading off a second round of attacks on our embassies.  And, of course, Obama doesn’t wish to do or say anything that might offend his Islamic pals.

Read Mark Steyn on Obama’s Ham-Fisted Response To The Attacks On The U.S.

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  2. An interesting article printed in August of 2011 compared the vacation times of Obama and Bush. After 31 months in office, Obama had taken 61 vacation days. At the same point in his presidency, Bush had taken 180 off (and the sainted Ronald Reagan had taken 112 days off).

    By the end of his time in office, Bush racked up a total of 1,020 days of vacation! Not bad for the most difficult job in the world.

    Even FDR, in office for 12 years, did hot take that many days off. G.W. Bush is the all time reigning presidential champion for goofing off, hands down!
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