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Crying Fire In A Crowded Environmental Theatre

Too many self-appointed environmental gurus act like spoiled children screaming, “Look at me!”  Several leading members of the Global Warming Gang have admitted that they deliberately exaggerate their prophesies to gain public attention.  Unfortunately mainstream, liberal media immediately anoint each hysterical new hypothesis with the label of scientific truth. 

Even our first liberal-progressive-socialist Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., opined that there are limits to free speech.  Crying fire falsely in a crowded theatre is likely to result in serious injury or death as people scramble frantically to escape.

For a review and debugging of the many, often contradictory, prognostications of doom, read Apocalypse Not: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Worry About End Times.


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  1. The cited article discusses how science has addressed some of the crises, and does not say that we should not be concerned about environmental issues.

    The "What, me worry?" attitude of environmental criminals is nothing to be proud of.
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  2. So, now it is ‘criminal’ to question, to object, to resist being fleeced or even to doubt when the provocation for these reactions is a liberal agenda, eh J. Jay. Of course, it is only reasonable and right to question, object, resist or doubt whenever the topic under discussion is conservative. Never mind the conservative agenda harms no one (at least none who aren’t harming us), while the liberal agenda has, does, and proposes at every turn to cheat and bankrupt.

    Of course we worry about environmental impacts, the real difference being we don’t manufacture environmental nightmare scenarios out of whole cloth, and then exploit them to fleece an unsuspecting public and grab power while everyone is in a panic of your making. Do I really need to dredge up all our past posts debunking this environmental gibberish, and link them here for all to see what a ‘green hobgoblin’ goofball doing his utmost to frighten others the way you do? Are you really up for that kind of drubbing … again? You are right we are unconcerned by the Al Gore Road Show presentation of global-warming cum climate-change cum environmental-disaster-du-jour, because it is poppycock.

    Gore is a con man not-especially-extraordinaire who recognized Green = $green potential, and that his little gambit would have the backing of politicians, governments, radical pseudo-scientists, green-entrepreneurs (also looking to cash in), and liberal idiots of every stripe who cannot separate reality from ideology even when it is their pockets which are the first fleeced. He envisioned raking in billions for himself from his carbon-credit venture, but has so far settled for millions. Nowadays, he’s making his money investing in unprofitable green enterprises. How is this done? Why, by investing in green-startups, guiding them through the subsidies and grants process, using his insider contacts to assure they receive billions in accountability-free backing, taking his cut (along with all the other crony-capitalists) and getting out before the proverbial $hit hits the NYT front page news. But, no one in his right mind invests in profitless ventures! – you will insist. True, except when the intention is from the beginning that the venture will fail precisely so that a transfer of wealth can take place from the despicable middleclass taxpayer to the far more deserving elites … er, poor old out-of-work Al Gore. The company declares bankruptcy from which the backers are protected, leaving the taxpayer (once again) holding the bag. For a clearer understanding of how this works, I recommend you watch Mel Brooks’ ‘The Producers’, but with this twist: if caught, Broadway producers go to prison for such fraud, liberal-politicians, ex-VPs, and Washington insiders almost never.

    Face it J. Jay, you are just a tool of the Al Gore ‘scam-of-the-century’, but so mired in socialism you can never see or admit to it. Poor old Al must be laughing himself all the way to the Bank of Zurich.
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