The View From 1776

An Easter Week Profession of Faith

Why I want to be a Christian.

Western civilization, including the United States, came into existence only because of Christianity.  For details, see The Decline of Western Civilization: Explanatory Notes - Part Two.

Without true and revitalized Christianity, civilization will not survive today’s secularized culture.

As the news commentators say: full disclosure, I endeavor to be a Christian, a joyful pursuit at which I am not very good.  This does not mean that I reject the comradeship-in-arms of Judaism (and potentially even Islam).  After all, Christianity is a further revelation of God’s Truth emanating from Judaism.  As Jesus said, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” (Matthew 5:17).  It means simply that my faith is in Christianity as the fullest revelation of God’s Will, and that God’s Will is that each of us should love and serve others as he would want to be loved and served himself.

Judaism remains the covenant of the Jews; only Christianity carries to all the world the Bible’s Great Commandments, addressed to both Jews and Christians: Love the Lord thy God with all thy strength, heart, and mind; and love thy neighbor as thyself.

I admit that it is hard for me to reconcile Allah with the God of the Old and New Testaments.  If my understanding is correct, Mohammed’s Koran instructs Muslims to attack and pillage non-Islamic cities, and to slaughter the men and to sell the women and children into slavery.  In any case, for a thousand years after 622 AD, Muslims did precisely that, in the name of Allah conquering all of the old Christian cities of the Eastern Roman Empire, North Africa, and much of southern and central Europe.  The Koran, as interpreted by significant groups such as Al Queda, still commands Muslims to kill in every possible way non-Muslim men, women, and children.

Christians and Jews must hope and pray that ultimately this will prove to be the conviction of only a small part of the world’s millions of Muslims.  We must pray that God will soften all Muslims’ hearts, leading them to look upon Allah as a divine source, not of conquest, but of love and mercy.

If this website accomplishes anything at all, I hope it will be to turn people, especially students, away from the secularity of liberal-socialism and back into the path toward God’s Truth.  This will be, in effect, to give them the View From 1776, the understanding of our colonial forefathers that life’s highest aim is community based upon God’s love, community in which each person, as an individual, takes pleasure in helping other people in their times of need. 

This is what the New Testament’s Book of Matthew calls the kingdom of heaven in our everyday lives.  It is a vision of personal responsibility and benevolence that stands in diametric contrast to the liberal-socialist concept that individuals can not be relied upon to do the right thing or to help each other, that it is instead only the collectivized political state from which good comes.  (see Worship the Secular State Whence All Blessings Flow?)

Christianity deals with individuals and their individual needs.  Liberalism deals with social, economic, racial, and ethnic groups, reducing people to Social Security numbers and telling them what they must do with their savings and how they must live their daily lives in conformity to social justice as defined by so-called social scientists.

It is easier for me to think hopefully about softening the hearts of Muslims than of liberal-socialists.  Muslims are believers in a divine order instituted by God and an order therefore subject to timeless laws of morality, however different some of them are from Judaic and Christian standards.  But the secular religion of liberal-socialism vaunts itself on finding the truth only in the minds of its intellectuals.  For liberal-socialists, acknowledging God and the laws of nature would not be a softening of their hearts, but a complete disavowal of their very essence. 

There are, of course, many liberals who are perfectly nice people.  Nonetheless their allegiance is to the collective ideology of the political state.  Even those liberals who fancy themselves to be Christians or religious Jews are guilty of supporting an ideology that denies God.  Liberal-socialism rests upon the presumption that the human mind is greater than the Mind of God and can encompass, understand, and regulate all things and events.

History, however, demonstrates this to be dangerous lunacy.

As liberal icon Isaiah Berlin expressed it (“The Crooked Timber of Humanity: The Pursuit of an Ideal”), speaking of “... the great ideological storms that have altered the lives of virtually all mankind: the Russian Revolution and its aftermath - totalitarian tyrannies of both the right and the left and the explosions of nationalism, racism and, in places, of religious bigotry, which, interestingly enough, not one among the most perceptive social thinkers of the nineteenth century had ever predicted. ”  “... it is as well to realize that these great movements began with ideas in people’s heads; ideas about what relations between men have been, are, and might and should be; and to realize how they they came to be transformed in the name of a vision of some supreme goal in the minds of the leaders, above all the prophets with armies at their backs.  Such ideas are the substance of ethics.”

Such idea may be the substance of ethics as a socialist like Professor Berlin defines the term.  Such arbitrary, theoretical, and anti-historical ideas are certainly not the substance of ethics as the ancient Hebrews, Plato, Aristotle, and Jesus Christ understood the term.

Liberal-socialism stands ultimately for the maxim that might makes right.  Liberals, when push comes to shove, always have condoned the most savage, barbaric mass slaughter in the expectation that it would better humanity.  Liberals in the United States, for decades, defended Lenin’s and Stalin’s brutalities and liquidations of millions of Russians.  Liberals today proclaim that Iraquis were better off under Saddam Hussein’s murderous rule than under the turmoil leading to self-rule.  The end of the road for liberal-socialist “ethics” is Thomas Hobbes’s picture of the State of Nature, in which life is nasty, brutish, and short.

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